L.A. Times Daily – Jun 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Jack Ryan” actress Cornish ABBIE
“One Day More” musical, to fans LESMIZ
“That just might work!” NOTABADIDEA
“What’s more … “ AND
“You wish, laddie!” NAE
“You’re wrong about that” ITISNT
“Zip your lip” BUTTONIT
*Area with no cell service DEADZONE
*Close contest TIGHTGAME
*Good thing to go out on HIGHNOTE
*Military academy on the Hudson WESTPOINT
2010 health law, for short ACA
59-Across student CADET
Anti-art art movement DADA
Beekeeper’s setup APIARY
Betwixt AMIDST
Boring gadgets AWLS
Compete VIE
Cry heard after stomping on a glass MAZELTOV
Damage MAR
Dern of “Big Little Lies” LAURA
Donations ALMS
Drop off for a bit NAP
Feudal domains FIEFS
Flat rolls named for a Polish city BIALYS
From the top ANEW
Genre featuring sitars RAGA
Get by … or what the answers to the starred clues literally do MAKEENDSMEET
Grates, as citrus ZESTS
Greenlights OKS
Hamburger beef? ACH
Has had enough ISDONE
Hebrew letter before “beth” ALEPH
Horned buglers ELK
In bad faith, in legal jargon MALAFIDE
Industrial apartment style LOFT
Israeli diplomat Abba EBAN
Knock on RAPAT
Like drone footage AERIAL
Linguistics subject SYNTAX
LPN’s needle HYPO
Make use of a Singer SEW
Makes level EVENS
Many Dubai residents ARABS
Massive EPIC
Omelet specification EGGWHITE
Peanut butter choice CRUNCHY
Point value of “five” in Scrabble TEN
Poker variety HOLDEM
Polar __: wintertime fundraiser PLUNGE
Pool regimen LAPS
Reebok competitor FILA
Regions AREAS
Remote possibilities? AAS
Rita featured on Iggy Azalea’s “Black Widow” ORA
Role for Lena on “Master of None” DENISE
Roller derby spots RINKS
Set at a sports bar HDTV
Shark diver’s enclosure CAGE
Skins that can be marinated and fried to make vegan “bacon” BANANAPEELS
Slack-jawed state AWE
Sob syllable WAH
Soccer star Morgan on the San Diego Wave ALEX
Sprint RUN
Sushi topper ROE
Take off DETACH
Tater morsel TOT
The Big Easy, for short NOLA
Tic-__-toe TAC
Unearths DIGSUP
Unit of maize EAR
Urchin’s stinger SPINE
Ward (off) FEND
With no chill TENSELY
Woolly mama EWE
Wrath IRE
__ Domini ANNO
__ monster GILA

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