L.A. Times Daily – Jun 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Casablanca” setting MOROCCO
“Lion” Oscar nominee Patel DEV
“Meditation in motion” discipline TAICHI
“Thanks for explaining” ISEE
“The Lorax” voice role for Ed Helms ONCELER
“__ you decent?” ARE
*”Some Enchanted Evening” musical SOUTHPACIFIC
*Messaging app SNAPCHAT
*Second game of a doubleheader NIGHTCAP
*Supply on a gift wrap station SCOTCHTAPE
A bit, in music POCO
Amazon gadget ECHO
American Eagle Outfitters loungewear brand AERIE
As suggested by PER
Barbecue spot TERRACE
Basics ABCS
Beachy vacation spot ISLE
Biergarten vessel STEIN
Board meeting outline AGENDA
Bring (out) TROT
Cancels VOIDS
Cause a scene ACTUP
Celebs given the red-carpet treatment VIPS
Chicago suburb CICERO
Coach Parseghian ARA
Coin replaced by the euro PESETA
Composer Sondheim STEPHEN
Congeal CLOT
Constellation near Ursa Minor DRACO
Cratchit boy TINYTIM
Difficult time, or what is hidden in each of the answers to the starred clues? ROUGHPATCH
Dissertations THESES
Drink that may cause brain freeze ICEE
Egyptian Christians COPTS
Env. directive ATTN
Examined EYED
Faculty figs PROFS
First name in mysteries AGATHA
First-class CHOICE
Flower holders STEMS
Fountain output SODAS
GPS heading ENE
Grade school exhibits DIORAMAS
Haka dancers of New Zealand MAORI
Hankering ITCH
Join forces UNITE
Keyboard instruments that sound like glockenspiels CELESTAS
Learned league? MENSA
Like some dried meats AGED
Like zombies UNDEAD
Made haste HIED
Mato __: third-largest state of Brazil GROSSO
MBA course ECON
Minimal amount TRACE
NFL passing stat ATT
Off-rd. rig ATV
Old Scottish landholder THANE
Paper for a pad LEASE
Per item EACH
Piece of land TRACT
Pool statistic DEPTH
Should, with “to” OUGHT
Sound like an ass BRAY
Splinter groups SECTS
Sports HASON
Stick (to) ADHERE
Supermodel BŸndchen GISELE
The way things are usually done, for short SOP
Twisted balloon shape, often ANIMAL
Unlike poetry PROSY
Verne captain NEMO
Wear the crown RULE
Wood used in guitar-making ALDER
Word in many Encyclopedia Brown titles CASE
Zesty Twirls maker OREIDA

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