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L.A. Times Daily – Jun 19 2018

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Clues Answers
“All systems go!” AOK
“Kinda” suffix ISH
“Listen up!” HEY
“Of course” YES
“__ dreaming?” AMI
“__ had one job!” YOU
Alaskan native INUIT
Aleppo’s land SYRIA
Ancient character RUNE
Audacious BRASH
Bacteria in food recalls ECOLI
Bottom edge of a dress HEM
Buddhist discipline ZEN
Carry only a carry-on, say TRAVELLIGHT
Casino mogul Steve WYNN
Chaw in a cheek TOBACCOPLUG
Clavell’s “__-Pan” TAI
Crossword puzzle list CLUES
DNA structure HELIX
Down-yielding duck EIDER
Downloadable read EBOOK
Eagle’s nest AERIE
Earl Grey, e.g TEA
Fingered in a lineup, briefly IDED
Five-time Silver Slugger Award-winning catcher Joe MAUER
Floral garlands LEIS
Framed works ART
Frequent Yosemite photographer Ansel ADAMS
Funeral rite heaps PYRES
Fussed in front of a mirror PREENED
Galvanizing metal ZINC
Garlicky mayo AIOLI
Gun, as an engine REV
Hairy Addams cousin ITT
Ill. neighbor IND
IRA-establishing legislation ERISA
IV units CCS
Knight’s title SIR
Land a plane SETDOWN
Clues Answers
Least fresh OLDEST
Like aged cheddar SHARP
Line of seats ROW
Lip-__: mouth the words SYNC
Long, long time AGES
Loud crowds ROARERS
Martin of “Route 66” MILNER
Mass. MLB team BOS
Meyers of late-night TV SETH
MLB’s National League nickname (because it was founded first) SENIORCIRCUIT
Moan and groan WHINE
Mutual attraction in a relationship CHEMISTRY
Nobel physicist Niels BOHR
Ocean State sch URI
Ogler EYER
Old hoops org ABA
Party food provider CATERER
Piece of history ERA
Put on the payroll HIRE
Rainbow-shaped ARCED
Seek a spot on, as a sports team TRYOUTFOR
Slithery swimmer EEL
Stuck in the mud MIRED
Takes a break RESTS
Takes a chance on RISKS
Tense with excitement … and a hint to the ends of the four longest puzzle answers WIRED
The 2% in 2% milk FAT
The __ Dipper BIG
Three-dimensional CUBIC
Trimmable candle parts WICKS
Unscrupulous sales tactic BAITANDSWITCH
Upright violin kin CELLO
Vague amount SOME
Vetoes NIXES
Wall surface PLASTER
Wonderment AWE
__ Beta Kappa PHI
__ Tin Tin RIN
__-Wan Kenobi OBI