L.A. Times Daily – Jun 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Gotcha” OHISEE
“Life’s too short for dull razors,” e.g.? SHAVINGPOINT
“McFarland, USA” actress Fisher ELSIE
“Mean Girls” star Lindsay LOHAN
“Modern Family” co-star EDONEILL
“My Kind of Country” singer McEntire REBA
“Nashville” actress Blakley RONEE
“Oh, cry me a river” BOOHOO
“Right Back __”: Spice Girls song ATYA
“Sadly … “ IFEAR
“The Mindy Project” actor Barinholtz IKE
“The Right Stuff” figure YEAGEI
“__ be an honor!” ITD
“__ Mis√©rables” LES
102-Down’s mother MADIE
58-Down’s son NINO
Admission of guilt IDIDIT
Appearance MIEN
Apple product? SAUCE
Beech or peach TREE
Big name in baby food GERBER
Bless with oil ANOINT
Block that often falls on Wile E. Coyote ANVIL
Breather in the ballroom? DANCINGBREAK
Calendario square DIA
Cattle that may tip over? LISTINGSTOCK
Celebrated, as a holiday MARKED
Change for a five ONES
Chap LAD
Chophouse choice TBONE
Chris who plays Captain America EVANS
Comedy duo Garfunkel and __ OATES
Comparison words ASAN
Conservationist Bindi IRWIN
Cooking stove RANGE
Deck chair piece SLAT
Deep opera voices BASSI
Department store founder depicted in “Miracle on 34th Street” RHMACY
Dept. formed after the 1977 oil crisis ENEI
Devoutness PIETY
Dorky sort NERD
Drinks for the house IOUND
Droll sort WAG
Earl __ tea GREY
Effortlessness EASE
Egyptian goddess ISIS
Extravagant and elaborate way of going around slowpokes? FANCYPASSING
Extremely blah coif? NOTHINGDO
First-rate dog shelter? STEILINGPOUND
Fish tacos fish, familiarly MAHI
Forehead-covering hair BANGS
Former White House quartet OBAMAS
Fuming MAD
Genetic material RNA
Gives a little BENDS
Glee found on horseback? RIDINGJOY
Globetrotting group JETSET
Gold units KAIATS
Gradually vanish FADE
Grand slam quartet, briefly RBIS
Greek god of the underworld HADES
Gulp down EAT
Halved INTWO
Hard on the eyes UGLYASSIN
Hawaiian “thank you” MAHALO
Heavy __ METAL
In great demand HOT
iPad speaker SIRI
Jessica of “L.A.’s Finest” ALBA
Juicer refuse PULP
Key __ LARGO
Kyiv’s country UKRAINE
Lairs DENS
Landed ALIT
Less damp DRIER
Like lemonade TANGY
Little cut NICK
Magazine name TITLE
Male deer STAG
Mass book MISSAL
Maternity ward doc OBGYN
Meas. reduced by fog VIS
Middle Alou brother MATTY
Mini vortex EDDY
Neighbor ABUT
New Haven sch YALEU
New version of an old film IEMAKE
New Year’s __ EVE
Nordstrom rival SAKS
North Carolina campus ELON
Not straight CURLY
Not straight SNAKING
Org. with Thunder and Heat NBA
Out of whack ASKEW
Part-time job for teenage waterfowl? DUCKSITTING
Pave anew RETOP
Poet Silverstein SHEL
Pop star IDOL
Pts. of a book PGS
Queue for lottery tickets? DRAWINGLINE
Quirky ODD
Reddit Q&A session AMA
Resort town on Colorado’s Roaring Fork River ASPEN
Retort from a self-appointed authority SAYSME
Rupees and rubles MONEY
Season wood, in a way KILNDIY
Shish __ KABOB
Singer Carly __ Jepsen RAE
Ski area in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains ALTA
Some charity runs TENKS
Some electric cars TESLAS
Southwest estate HACIENDA
Spring LEAP
Squid organ INKSAC
Stretch on the job STINT
Subject of PETA’s traveling exhibit “Without Consent” LABANIMAL
Suffix with neat or beat NIK
Sun Devils sch ASU
Surface for shavasana YOGAMAT
Talk through the whole movie? NARRATE
Tavern quaff ALE
Temperature unit KELVIN
Thin-layered rock SHALE
Throw in ADD
Thus far TONOW
Traps in an attic? WEBS
Tricky road curves ESSES
Tropical garland LEI
Tropical veranda LANAI
Tuna in poke bowls AHI
Valletta’s island MALTA
Water under le pont EAU
Witticism MOT
Wrestling moves HOLDS
Writer/actor Rogen SETH
WSW opposite ENE
Zoo enclosure CAGE
__ de fideo: Mexican noodle soup SOPA

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