L.A. Times Daily – Jun 2 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Don’t Bring Me Down” band ELO
“I see now” AHOK
“No way to sugarcoat this” ITSBAD
“Snow Crash” novelist Stephenson NEAL
*Accept a difficult role TAKEUPTHEMANTLE
*Insulating layer around a nerve MYELINSHEATH
*Locavore movement FARMTOTABLE
*Use a randomizer to decide, say SPINTHEWHEEL
34-Across, to a sushi chef UNAGI
Alex and __: jewelry company known for bracelets ANI
All-in-one product’s selling points USES
Also TOO
Alternatively ELSE
Aromatherapy locale SPA
Bounce back REBOUND
Branch ARM
Citrus hybrid used in Japanese cuisine YUZU
Cry noisily SOB
Diary LOG
Diner option BOOTH
Dressing with anchovies CAESAR
Dubious IFFY
Duty roster ROTA
Fake names ALIASES
Fancy-schmancy POSH
Florence’s role in “Black Widow” and “Hawkeye” YELENA
Folklore trickster PIXIE
Former Disney president Michael OVITZ
Friend PAL
Galway Bay’s __ Islands ARAN
Harley-Davidson’s stock symbol HOG
Harp constellation LYRA
Have debts OWE
High standards IDEALS
Identity __ THEFT
In the air ALOFT
Invisible urban pollution NOISE
Kitten-lifting spot NAPE
Letter opener DEAR
Maker of Good Grips kitchen tools OXO
Mid-size Subaru LEGACY
Mos. and mos YRS
Night sch. class ESL
Number of World Series wins for the Nationals ONE
Obvious disdain SCORN
One of Eve’s sons ABEL
Open page on a web browser TAB
Phone notification ALERT
Pinched STOLEN
Pod member WHALE
Poetic twilight EEN
Private discussions TETEATETES
Quietly fume SEETHE
Refers to CITES
RSVP convenience SAE
Selfie stance POSE
Shut noisily SLAM
Singer India.__ ARIE
Snakelike fish EEL
Snitched TOLD
Some halters BIKINITOPS
Spot for pore strips NOSE
Squeeze bunt stat RBI
Sunbeam floater MOTE
Super Mario Bros. console NES
Tear RIP
Texts the wrong person, say ERRS
That woman SHE
The first “H” of HRH HER
Vintner’s dregs LEES
Weasellike pet FERRET
What an investigative journalist might do, and what the answers to the starred clues literally do BREAKASTORY
Witherspoon of “The Morning Show” REESE
Word before “It Go” and “It Be,” in song titles LET
__ Aviv TEL
__ pop: Belle and Sebastian genre TWEE
__ Rachel Wood of “Westworld” EVAN

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