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L.A. Times Daily – Jun 20 2018

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Clues Answers
“Coulda been a lot worse!” PHEW
“Heavens!” OMIGOSH
“Is that it?” WHATELSE
“__ goes nothing!” HERE
“__ So Unusual”: Cyndi Lauper’s debut studio album SHES
Actor Wallach ELI
Admonish CHIDE
All-in-one printer feature SCANNER
Alpine lake TARN
Ancient Dead Sea region EDOM
Animated ALIVE
As a group ENMASSE
Astound AWE
Behold in amazement MARVELAT
Carefree GAY
Characteristic of the villain in “The Fugitive” ONEARM
Classical lead-in NEO
Colonnaded entryway PORTICO
Commandment verb SHALT
Compelling FORCING
Employee hours suggested by this puzzle’s circles LATESHIFT
Genghis __ KHAN
Gift box direction OPENME
Great American Ball Park player RED
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
Gymnast Simone who won four golds in Rio BILES
Holiday fireplace item YULELOG
In the know HIP
Island near Sicily MALTA
Light-sensitive eye part RETINA
Like every U.S. president MALE
Like some French vowels ACCENTED
Liquid poured in honor of a deity LIBATION
Masters MAVENS
Metaphor in a gambling debacle SHIRT
Muse of poetry ERATO
Clues Answers
Navig. technology GPS
Not quite round OVAL
Ode title words TOA
On a tether LEASHED
Physician, hopefully HEALER
Pluto’s largest moon CHARON
Poet’s creation VERSE
Potatoes often used for fries RUSSETS
Recycle bin item CAN
Reviewed for typos PROOFED
Romantic text ILUVU
Scads ATON
Sci-fi escape ships PODS
Skin malady ECZEMA
Slurpee, basically ICEE
Smell or taste SENSE
Spreadsheet input DATA
Sprite ELF
State assemblies SENATES
Supervillain Luthor LEX
T.S. Eliot poem, with “The” WASTELAND
The “I” of “The King and I” ANNA
They’re on the phone APPS
Thompson of “Switched at Birth” LEA
Tidied, as a lawn EDGED
Ties, as a score EVENSUP
Trip up ASCENT
TV warrior princess XENA
Twelve-month ALLYEAR
Unconscious OUT
Use a wrecking ball on RAZE
Watched again RESAW
Window topper VALANCE
Word with secret or school TRADE
Work on, as a vintage auto RESTORE
Yet again ANEW