L.A. Times Daily – Jun 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Dear __ Hansen”: 2017 Best Musical Tony winner EVAN
“Help!” letters SOS
“Nothing to it!” EASY
“Sign me up!” IMIN
“__ to Joy”: segment of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony ODE
Aerospace employee who assesses new aircraft TESTPILOT
Altoids container TIN
American __: U.S. territory in the South Pacific SAMOA
Blood component PLASMA
Blue-green hue TEAL
Boy, in Spanish NINO
Calligrapher’s tool PEN
Cancel out NEGATE
Cow’s sound MOO
Dance, music, sculpture, etc ARTS
Dead __ Scrolls SEA
Declare AVER
Designates for a specific purpose, as funds EARMARKS
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Doctor Who player Whittaker JODIE
English muffin topper JAM
Father Christmas SANTA
Film spool REEL
Five-time Wimbledon singles champion Williams VENUS
Gas holder TANK
Golden yrs. fund IRA
Herbal beverage TEA
How-to presentations DEMOS
Lacking color PALE
Ladder rung STEP
Landlocked African nation west of Niger MALI
Laryngitis docs ENTS
Like triangles with unequal sides SCALENE
Lose color FADE
Monogram of a French fashion house YSL
Mornings, briefly AMS
No-frills BASIC
Number of millimeters in a centimeter TEN
Olympic skater’s leap AXEL
Pepsi or Coke COLA
Pitcher Seaver who won three Cy Young Awards TOM
Poetry muse ERATO
Poultry herb SAGE
Quiche ingredients EGGS
Rap devotee HIPHOPPER
Rolls of fabric BOLTS
Run like the dickens TEAR
Say grace, say PRAY
Sci-fi visitor ALIEN
Selfish shout MINE
Shoot the breeze CHAT
Shows to be untrue DEBUNKS
Small change CENT
Springfield Elementary bus driver OTTO
Stately home MANSE
Stock unit SHARE
Streisand title role YENTL
Strong desire URGE
Swatter’s targets FLIES
Tabula __: blank slate RASA
Talks up TOUTS
Tax prep pro CPA
Thor’s father ODIN
Triangular stringed instrument HARP
Tuscany three TRE
Verbalize SAY
Verse writer POET
Voice above tenor ALTO
Wear away ERODE
Where Clay went to make a ceramic vase? POTTERYSTUDIO
Where Dean went to meet with professors and students? COLLEGECAMPUS
Where Penny went to deposit money? SAVINGSBANK
Where Viola went to perform with an orchestra? CONCERTHALL
Widely accepted truth AXIOM

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