L.A. Times Daily – Jun 27 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Been __, done that” THERE
“Dear old” parent DAD
“Field of Dreams” state IOWA
“On Golden __”: Hepburn film POND
12-mo. periods YRS
45-Down, e.g RED
Actor Hawke ETHAN
Age-old method of long-distance communication SMOKESIGNAL
Atmospheric patterns that resemble fish scales MACKERELSKIES
Brewer known for its Belgian White ale BLUEMOON
Bus terminal DEPOT
Christian doctrine of divinity, and the starts of the answers to 18-, 29-, and 45-Across? HOLYTRINITY
Cognizant (of) AWARE
Complete WHOLE
Computer that generates Bitcoin, e.g MINER
Curly salad green ENDIVE
Dean’s list no GPA
Depravity EVILNESS
Director Roth ELI
Dry wine choice MERLOT
DVR forerunner VCR
Each PER
Each, informally APOP
Election time: Abbr TUE
ER staffers DRS
Female sheep EWE
Find My iPhone logon need APPLEID
Flamenco shout OLE
Folks who keep to themselves LONERS
Grab a bite EAT
Item of equipment for the NCAA’s Frozen Four ICESKATE
Kanga’s joey ROO
Kept moist, as a roast turkey BASTED
Korean automaker KIA
L.A. Galaxy’s org MLS
Lacrosse targets NETS
Like an unruly kid BRATTY
Like sashimi RAW
Like tall wedding cakes TIERED
Looks over EYES
Lost some color PALED
Lotto variant KENO
Macadamia __ NUT
Many a “Top Gun” aviator JETPILOT
Midafternoon THREE
Minor dent DING
Mont Blanc, e.g ALP
Nada NIL
Nanny who may live in an in-law suite AUPAIR
Netflix’s “__ Education” SEX
Open-handed hit SLAP
Pie servings WEDGES
Pigpen STY
Pulls hard YANKS
Reacted to a joke told by 55-Across, probably GROANED
River of Hades STYX
Sandwich made with Peter Pan and Welch’s, for short PBJ
Sends with a stamp MAILS
Service provided by the Geek Squad ITHELP
Simple firework ROCKET
Some summer workers INTERNS
Southwest Virginia city ROANOKE
Starts, as a new hobby TAKESUP
Steakhouse chain with a skinny tree in its logo THEPALM
Texter’s “Sorry, did I overshare?” TMI
Timeline stretch ERA
Triple-A baseball team based in Ohio TOLEDOMUDHENS
Unspecified person ONE
Verbally approve SAYYES
Weary sound SIGH
Younger of the NBA’s Curry brothers SETH
__ and Coke RUM
__ Escape: PlayStation game featuring monkeys APE
__ goo gai pan MOO
__ vera ALOE

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