L.A. Times Daily – Jun 4 2018

Clues Answers
“I kid you not” NOLIE
“The Matrix” hero NEO
African antelopes ELANDS
Alphabetizes, say SORTS
Apple mobile platform IOS
Apple’s Touch and Nano IPODS
Asia’s vastly diminished __ Sea ARAL
Barton of the Red Cross CLARA
Baseball Hall of Famer Pee Wee REESE
Bausch’s partner LOMB
Bayou cuisine CAJUN
Birth-related NATAL
Borscht basic BEET
Brake rotor DISC
Brit’s bathroom LOO
British nobleman EARL
Char on a grill SEAR
Clue or Risk GAME
Concerning ABOUT
Desperate, as straits DIRE
Dockworkers’ org ILA
Doles (out) METES
Dorm pal ROOMIE
Facebook thumbs-up LIKE
Filmdom awards OSCARS
First Peace Corps director Sargent __ SHRIVER
First rainbow color RED
Good survival skills STREETSMARTS
Guns, as an engine REVS
Halloween trick alternative TREAT
Held the deed to OWNED
Help with a robbery, say ABET
In this way THUS
Jai __ ALAI
Job ad letters EOE
Latin being ESSE
Lie idly (around) LAZE
Lipton rival NESTEA
Longtime TV fitness guru Jack LALANNE

Clues Answers
Mai __: cocktail TAI
Match, as a bet SEE
Miata automaker MAZDA
More than plump OBESE
Narrow, exclusive group INCROWD
Nest of chicks BROOD
Nightlife sign’s light source NEONGAS
Norwegian royal name OLAV
Numbered supermarket section AISLE
On the briny ATSEA
Part of MFA ARTS
Partner of “done with” OVER
Peepers EYES
Periodical with a URL EMAG
Pet rodent’s exercise gadget HAMSTERWHEEL
Phone in a purse CELL
Purpose USE
Put on the payroll HIRED
Reason to study EXAM
Refined manner POLISH
Relay stick BATON
Rio greeting OLA
Riot, in the funny way SCREAM
Sanctify BLESS
Shade trees ELMS
Sumatran ape ORANG
Sunbeam brand … and a literal hint to the circled letters MIXMASTER
Take to heart HEED
Tender spots SORES
Time for semiannual clock changes: Abbr TWOAM
Top worn with jeans TEE
Turkey meat preference DARK
UFO pilots, presumably ETS
Unable to sit still ANTSY
Vowels after zetas ETAS
Wedge or pump SHOE
Wind current that affects weather patterns JETSTREAM
__ Gay: WWII bomber ENOLA
__-as-you-are party COME

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