L.A. Times Daily – Mar 10 2018

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 10 2018 Saturday 

Clues Answers
__ tendinitis: arm muscle ailment BICEP
“Deliverance” co-star of Jon, Burt and Ronny NED
“Even so … “ AND YET
“Preacher” network AMC
“Raging Bull” boxer LAMOTTA
“Thunderball” setting BAHAMAS
“Wolf” channel CNN
1931 Oscar-winning Western based on an Edna Ferber novel CIMARRON
1997 film character getting a lot of buzz? ULEE
2013 Culinary Hall of Fame inductee EMERIL
Black __ OPS
Black-necked flier CANADAGOOSE
Boat-lifting device DAVIT
Bradlee in “The Post” BEN
Carnival draw SEER
Catchall survey opciOn OTRO
Classy wheels MASERATI
Collaborate TEAMUP
Common intruders ADS
Deep-water fish OPAH
Depressed area SWALE
Deuterium discoverer Harold UREY
Downer at a party? DEBBIE
Erratic driver’s comeuppance, perhaps BREATHTEST
Feature of Sousa’s music GUSTO
Forks over, formally CEDES
Had taken, as a portrait SATFOR
Heroic adventure GEST
Home Depot purchase SAW
Indian palace resident RANI
It may build up gradually IRE
Italian cooking staple TOMATO PUREE
Key used in shortcuts ALT
Knoxville energy agcy. TVA
Lindy relative JITTERBUG
Mailer, for one AUTHOR
Mall attraction ANCHORSTORE
Marseilles money EURO
Medieval weapon MACE
Mexican sugar substitute AGAVENECTAR
Mrs. __, head of the kitchen in “Beauty and the Beast” POTTS
Not dense, in a way RURAL
Not feel well AIL
Numb, in a way DRUG
Oceanic ecosystem MARINEBIOME
One of the Karamazovs IVAN
Ornate metalware TOLE
Packer quarterback Rodgers AARON
Plains tribe OTO
Pungent spice BAYLEAF
Religious recluse EREMITE
Seaweed product AGAR
Skeet participant TRAPSHOOTER
Small program opener ICON
Something in back of a hit? BSIDE
Sportscaster Andrews ERIN
Spots for sports stands GOALLINES
Street adornment TREE
Styling creations DOS
Tagged, perhaps OUT
Territorial marking POST
They usually have spines CACTI
Tolkien creature ENT
Try hard (for) GUN
Turned inside out EVERTED
Two-faced deity JANUS
Vehicle for some spiritual experiences ASTRAL BODY
Waterside accommodations BOATEL
Word of warning PRIVATE

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