L.A. Times Daily – Mar 13 2018

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 13 2018 Tuesday 

Clues Answers
“So there!” HAH
113-gram sandwich, more or less QUARTER POUNDER
37.9-liter topper, roughly TENGALLONHAT
About 1.8 meters deep SIXFEETUNDER
Approaches NEARS
Architect Saarinen EERO
Arnaz with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame DESI
At any time EVER
Ballot markings XES
Big gulp SWIG
Bouillabaisse, e.g. STEW
Christmas tree topper’s topper HALO
Cleveland’s lake ERIE
Congregation’s “I agree!” AMEN
Cosmologist Carl SAGAN
Counties across the pond SHIRES
Course with squares and cubes MATH
Deadly FATAL
Double-checked before cutting REMEASURED
Eye rudely LEERAT
Eye rudely LEERAT
Fatty liver spread PATE
Firewood protector TARP
Foul-smelling FETID
Geometry calculations AREAS
German industrial city ESSEN
Govt. agency rules REGS
Hardwood prized for outdoor furniture TEAK
Hidden drug supply STASH
Hybrid pack animals MULES
Insurance case CLAIM
Kagan of the Supreme Court ELENA
Kind of guitar BASS
Kuwaiti leader EMIR
Lavish party FETE
Like Oberlin College since it opened in 1833 COED
Logical beginning? IDEO
Magneto’s enemies XMEN
Mall unit STORE
Mario Bros. console NES
Mario Bros., for one GAME
Meal where the 10 Plagues of Egypt are recalled SEDER
Military group UNIT
Muse for Shelley ERATO
Old Russian leader TSAR
Owned HAD
Proceed another 1.6 kilometers or so GO THE EXTRA MILE
Rainy WET
Signed up, as to vote REGISTERED
Sleeping woe APNEA
Softened, as rhetoric TONED DOWN
Something known to be true FACT
Subtract DEDUCT
Tabula __ RASA
Tall, skinny sorts BEAN POLES
They often have class STUDENTS
Thoroughly delighted in ATEUP
Toy truck brand TONKA
Track assignment LANE
Traditional Islamic garment BURQA
Tubular pasta RIGATONI
Turkish coins LIRAS
TV ex-military group led by Hannibal Smith ATEAM
Watch pocket FOB
We, to one who says “oui” NOUS
Weighty book TOME
What babies create, and vice versa? MAMAS
Where the Jazz play UTAH
Wood finish STAIN
Word after New or teen AGER


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