L.A. Times Daily – Mar 20 2018 Tuesday

Clues Answers
“Are you declining?” ISTHATANO
“Humble” home ABODE
“I understand now!” AHA
“Love Me Like You Do” singer Goulding ELLIE
“My turn to bat” IMUP
“Tell me!” SPILLIT
“Va-va-__!” VOOM
“Why would __?” ILIE
2006 cop drama set in Florida MIAMIVICE
605, to Seneca DCV
Affectionate sideline greeting HIMOM
Allegro, largo, lento, etc TEMPI
Anesthetizes NUMBS
Apple Store support station GENIUSBAR
Art store buys OILS
Balloon filler AIR
Bart Simpson’s “Holy cow!” AYCARAMBA
Bashful SHY
Bluesy James ETTA
Buck horn ANTLER
Bumbling INEPT
Circle segment ARC
Class with smocks ART
Cough up the cash PAY
Dealer’s query YOUIN
Dog-tired BEAT
Dunham and Olin LENAS
Enterprise rival AVIS
Fashionable Kentucky Derby array HATS
Gal pal, in Genoa AMICA
Handheld cleaner MINIVACUUM
Hose mishap SNAG
Hosp. fluid-administration methods hidden in 3-, 9-, 31- and 34-Down IVDRIPS
Icon tappers USERS
Japanese golf great Aoki ISAO
KitchenAid appliances OVENS
Legal dept. staffers ATTYS
Like much Norton software ANTIVIRUS
Like yoga teachers LITHE
Clues Answers
Long Island town ISLIP
Many a craft beer, for short IPA
Mud bath coverings MASKS
Old vitamin bottle no RDA
One changing pitches TUNER
Online box filler EMAIL
OXY 10 target ACNE
Polishes off HAS
Preps, as potatoes PEELS
Promote aggressively HYPE
Punctuation in many lists COMMA
Reagan Library site SIMIVALLEY
Remote batteries AAS
Response to a tasty treat YUM
Risky rendezvous TRYST
Salon colorings DYES
Sauce brand with an accent on its last letter RAGU
Schedule opening SLOT
Scored well under par, in golf lingo WENTLOW
Scrooge’s scoff BAH
Searchlight used by Gotham police BATSIGNAL
Shiba __ : Japanese dog INU
Sign of disuse DUST
Six-time Super Bowl coach Don SHULA
Slowly wear away ERODE
Somewhat ABIT
Spotted wildcat OCELOT
Star’s rep AGT
Stop, to swabs AVAST
Suspicious (of) WARY
Tampa __ Buccaneers BAY
Thomas of “That Girl” MARLO
Understand GET
Website with film profiles IMDB
Welles’ “Citizen” KANE
West Virginia natural resource COAL
Wild or Old area WEST
__ Alto, Calif PALO
__ colada: rum drink PINA

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