L.A. Times Daily – Mar 21 2018

Clues Answers
“MSNBC Live” co-anchor Velshi ALI
“Probably not” IBET
“Studies in the Sierra” writer John MUIR
“The Book of __”: 2010 Denzel Washington film ELI
“Wanna go out?” response ARF
*Choice spot at the opera BOXSEAT
*Ellington genre SWINGMUSIC
*Family crest COATOFARMS
*Many a museum piece OILPAINTING
2017 FX miniseries subtitled “Bette and Joan” FEUD
400 meters, on many tracks ONELAP
Actor Morales ESAI
Amounts to COSTS
Auburn rival, familiarly BAMA
Big Dipper’s constellation GREATBEAR
Binder for some paints ALKYD
Birth-related NATAL
Black bird or black cat, to some OMEN
Bright word in a dark theater EXIT
British nobles EARLS
Ceremonial place ALTAR
Cheeky PERT
Cleveland hoopster CAV
Closed ENDED
Concealing accessories VEILS
Corrida cheer OLE
Couple of gags? GEES
Cup-a-Soup direction STIR
Exorbitant interest USURY
Fitbit unit MILE
Florida’s __ National Forest OCALA
Fly off the shelf faster than OUTSELL
Fond du __, Wisconsin LAC
Footpath aid SIGNPOST
French buddy AMI
Go round and round GYRATE
Clues Answers
Humanities degs MAS
Is not misused? AINT
It has one hump or two CAMEL
Jordan’s capital AMMAN
Kansas City cuisine BARBECUE
Koi habitat POND
Messed (up) LOUSED
Much of the Sunday paper ADPAGES
Not bad OKAY
Not even close WAYOFF
Penta- plus three OCTA
Pewter component TIN
Pi follower RHO
Poe’s middle name ALLAN
Popcorn brand whose logo resembles a movie marquee ACTII
Powerful Japanese dog AKITA
Protagonist of Auel’s “Earth’s Children” novels AYLA
QVC sister station HSN
Roger Federer’s org ATP
Somewhat open AJAR
Spacious lot ACRE
Spruce (up) NEATEN
Squander WASTE
Stood for office RAN
Struggle with sisters? LISP
Surface product AREA
Tied-on protectors APRONS
To date YET
Tour leader GUIDE
Twittering AGOG
Very serious, as a water shortage ACUTE
Vise features JAWS
Walking sticks CANES
Without ABSENT
Words to a server … or a hint to the first words of the answers to starred clues CHECKPLEASE
You, back in the day THEE

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