L.A. Times Daily – Mar 26 2018

Clues Answers
“A __ of Two Cities” TALE
“Citizen Kane” sled ROSEBUD
“Mudbound” actress Mary J. __ BLIGE
“Nonsense!” PSHAW
“RUR” playwright CAPEK
“Take this” HERE
2016 Gosling/Stone film … and, as shown by circles, what each of four answers is LALALAND
Acapulco article UNA
Adjoin ABUT
Animation frame CEL
Attorneys’ org ABA
Ball girl BELLE
Bard’s “before” ERE
Barely beat EDGE
Barely more than not at all ATAD
Billionaire Bill GATES
Bothers no end NAGS
Building beam IBAR
Central Florida city OCALA
Composer Copland AARON
Copycats APERS
Countenance VISAGE
Died down ABATED
Distillery containers VATS
Dripping __: soaked WET
Egg cells OVA
Erect a house BUILD
Filming site SET
Hamburg’s river ELBE
Hi-tech worker BOT
Hindu deity SHIVA
Hissed “Hey!” PSST
Hot under the collar SORE
In the movies ONSCREEN
Ingenious SLICK
Intertwined ENLACED
It was thrown into the harbor in a 1773 “party” TEA
Like golf balls at the start of a hole, usually TEED
Loafer or moc SHOE
Clues Answers
Mama bear, in Mexico OSA
Marshy area BOG
Mideast money RIAL
Mmes., in Madrid SRAS
Mo. town STL
Monastic hood COWL
Most despicable BASEST
Move furtively SIDLE
Narrow land formation along the Bering Sea ALASKAPENINSULA
Norway’s capital OSLO
Norwegian toast SKOAL
Not as cold, as weather MILDER
Nuclear trial ATEST
O. Henry specialty IRONY
Parent’s brother UNCLE
Parisian pal AMI
Physique, informally BOD
Price hike: Abbr INCR
Private nonprofits: Abbr NGOS
Procrastinator’s promise SOON
Puts on the line RISKS
Retired flier, briefly SST
Scottish archipelago SHETLANDISLANDS
Senegal’s capital DAKAR
Shapiro of NPR ARI
Something in the air VAPOR
Songs sung alone SOLI
Spy org. called “The Company” CIA
Student aid LOAN
Tech news site CNET
Turn like a chair SWIVEL
Upstate New York Winter Olympics village LAKEPLACID
Washington city with a repetitive name WALLAWALLA
Waves for, as a taxi HAILS
Weight loss plan DIET
Word with wolf or Ranger LONE
__ B’rith BNAI
__ Kreme: doughnut brand KRISPY
__ long way: help considerably GOA

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