L.A. Times Daily – Mar 27 2018

Clues Answers
“All right, so long” OKBYE
“Before I forget,” in texts BTW
“Friends” episode, now RERUN
“Hold the Hellmann’s” NOMAYO
“Holy smokes!” MANALIVE
“I’ll take that as __” ANO
“Let’s see here … “ WELLNOW
“My Generation” rock band THEWHO
“On the Beach” novelist Shute NEVIL
“Say __”: doctor’s directive AAH
“See ya” TATA
“You can say that again!” ANDHOW
“You can say that again!” YESYES
“You think anyone cares about MY opinion?” WHATDOIKNOW
“You win” ILOSE
“__ show time!” ITS
Acted without restraint RANWILD
Boatload (of) WHOLESLEW
Buy time STALL
Caramel-filled candy ROLO
Change from five stars to three, say RERATE
Christmas season YULE
City near Tulsa ENID
Crammed (into) … and, when aptly hyphenated, like 18-, 24-, 39-, 52- and 58-Across WEDGED
Descends suddenly SWOOPS
Designer Gucci ALDO
Drink with jam and bread, in song TEA
Drop by, colloquially STOPONIN
Drops on the grass DEW
Easy-to-scam people SAPS
Evergreens shrubs YEWS
Exasperating IRKSOME
Eye-of-newt concoction WITCHESBREW
Finish END
Foxy SLY
Full-size cars of the 1960s-’80s FORDLTDS
Get some rays BASK
Clues Answers
Gives the go-ahead ALLOWS
Glasses and goggles EYEWEAR
Groundbreaking invention? HOE
Guthrie of folk ARLO
HBO miniseries “Big Little __” LIES
Kauai garland LEI
Kissy-kissy SMOOCHY
Kitty sounds MEWS
Lobster eater’s protection BIB
Longtime “Today” co-host Couric KATIE
Lustrous white gem OPAL
Manufacture MAKE
Marry WED
Mother in Calcutta TERESA
Myanmar, once BURMA
Nocturnal birds OWLS
Not 1-Down AWAY
Ophthalmologist’s concern MYOPIA
Overall concept of the universe WORLDVIEW
Overused, as jokes OLD
Persian Gulf ships OILERS
Protein-building acid AMINO
Quarterback Manning ELI
Radical ’60s campus gp SDS
Scent ODOR
Sense of self EGO
Shade tree ELM
Some big dos FROS
Stanley Cup org NHL
Texter’s #1 pal BFF
The “F” element in CFC FLUORINE
Thomas __ Edison ALVA
U.S. House member REP
Used to be WAS
Visiting the area INTOWN
Weak, excuse-wise FLIMSY
Wood strip SLAT
Zigzag ski event SLALOM

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