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L.A. Times Daily – Mar 9 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Let’s get started!’ THATSAGO
‘Miss Pym Disposes’ author TEY
‘The Moor already changes with my poison’ speaker IAGO
Quien __?’ SABE
Adoptee, maybe PET
All __ EARS
Angry overstatement, usually IHATEYOU
Barneys rival SAKS
Big group PASSEL
Bit of sparring POTSHOT
Copper CENT
Course standard PAR
Cruise woe NAUSEA
Deal with, in a way, as ads ZAP
Decide one will OPTTO
Figure (out) SUSS
Film lioness ELSA
Film on the range OATER
Found inner strength DUGDEEP
Gear for some test pilots GSUITS
Green card fig IDNO
Home of Tumnus, in fiction NARNIA
Hot lunch order TUNAMELT
Icel. surrounder ATL
Ideally ATBEST
Irony, say TROPE
It won’t hold water SIEVE
Lifts up ELATES
Linda of Broadway EDER
Med. show locales ERS
Mental grasp UPTAKE
Mideast port ADEN
Model for Hook AHAB
Mountain Pose is a standing one ASANA
Move away RECEDE
Nebraska’s official soft drink KOOLAID
Not fancy at all DETEST
Observed EYED
Org. with a QuickTakes online newsletter OSHA
Outer space feature NOAIR
Part of a case STAIR
Physics Nobelist Wolfgang __ PAULI
Piece of cake SNAP
Play with music OPERA
Preserve KEEP
Sean of ‘Rudy’ ASTIN
Second person? EVE
See to the door USHEROUT
Showed fear, perhaps PALED
Sign of confusion BLANKSTARE
Sign words suggesting a bad shortcut? ROADENDS
Slightly touched PATTED
Small stingers REDANTS
Spring up ARISE
Sticking points? RUTS
Take shelter, with ‘down’ HUNKER
Tanning salon equipment LAMPS
Texted the wrong person, say ERRED
The Wildcats of the America East Conf UNH
Thread cluster TUFT
Topped with, say ADDED
Tropical vacation souvenirs TANLINES
Unable to hit a pitch TONEDEAF
Visited overnight STAYEDAT
Weather-tracking org NOAA
What unGlue helps parents and kids manage SCREENTIME
Word on the way out TATA