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L.A. Times Daily – May 1 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“You ain’t gwyne to drink a drop–__ single drop”: Twain NARY
“You have some crust!” INEVER
All the __: popular RAGE
Analogue for -like INE
Be dependent RELY
Big name in animation HANNA
Blinker, e.g SIGNAL
Butcher’s staple CLEAVER
Chaney of film LON
Chewbacca trait HAIRINESS
Club usually numbered IRON
Declare ASSERT
Digestive aid SALIVA
Domestic power connection, briefly ACPLUG
Down for a pillow EIDER
Easy putt, in casual golf GIMME
Escargot gatherer’s bounty? SLIMYPICKINGS
Expressionist painter Nolde EMIL
Feature of communication with space probes TIMELAG
Flavored thirst quencher LIMEWATER
Frisée is its curly variety ENDIVE
Gallon’s 3.785 LITERS
Harvest worker needing a bath? THEGRIMYREAPER
Horn of Africa country SOMALIA
ICU or ER site HOSP
It may have many ashes FOREST
It offered soldiers Hope: Abbr USO
Kisser TRAP
Kissers LIPS
Large envelope MAILER
Leather punch AWL
Little Debbie competitor HOSTESS
Low isles CAYS
Many a Sunday magazine INSERT
Mill fill GRIST
Much ado about nothing? ARTIFICIALFURY
Muslim ascetics FAKIRS
Natural light refractor CORNEA
Nickname for Esther TESS
One working on arrangements FLORIST
Pre-K follower ELEM
Quebec neighbor MAINE
Radius neighbor ULNA
Relative of Fido ROVER
Relevant APROPOS
Religious prefix THEO
Rice dish PILAF
School since 1701 YALE
Slant BIAS
Sloop feature SAIL
Snake or Gila: Abbr RIV
Some hot rods GTS
Sophisticated rock genre, briefly PROG
Study aids NOTES
Successful gem seeker’s cry? THERESTHERUBY
Summer treats ICES
They may drift over valleys MISTS
Tsp. and tbsp AMTS
Type of skiing ALPINE
Verdi baritone aria ERITU
Word with lion or horse SEA
X as in Xerxes CHI
Your alternative ONES
__ Valley, Calif SIMI
__-watch: continue viewing a show you no longer like HATE