L.A. Times Daily – May 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Grease,” for one TITLESONG
“High Voltage” band ACDC
“My take is … “ IDSAY
“Reading in the Dark” Booker Prize nominee Seamus DEANE
“Whatever!” LIKEICARE
“Where there’s __ … “ AWILL
“You win” ILOSE
“__ just me … ?” ISIT
“__ queen!”: “Work it!” YAS
*”In my uninformed opinion … “ IMNOEXPERT
*Become a better person, say BUILDCHARACTER
*Challenge to someone suspected of lying LOOKMEINTHEEYE
*Thoroughly refute PROVEFALSE
1990s presidential candidate PEROT
Absorb with bread, as gravy SOPUP
Act like a couch potato, with “out” VEG
American buffalo BISON
Apartment window sign TOLET
Applauds CLAPS
Apply to USEON
Artist Yoko ONO
Aviation pioneer Sikorsky IGOR
Baby-voiced red Muppet ELMO
Barnyard bleat BAA
Biennial games gp IOC
Black-eyed __ PEAS
Can. neighbor USA
Celebrity chef Burrell ANNE
Cellist’s need BOW
Cry out loud WAIL
Dagger’s partner CLOAK
Dined at home ATEIN
Director Lee ANG
Easy to set off TETCHY
Elastic bandage brand ACE
Elena Delle Donne’s org WNBA
Entry point DOOR
Eyelid bump STYE
Forsaken child WAIF
Future analyst’s maj PSY
Go time, in military slang HHOUR
Inkling IDEA
Lack of difficulty EASE
Lauder of makeup ESTEE
Like gloomy skies GRAY
Long-stemmed mushroom ENOKI
Looking sickly WAN
Marvin Gaye classic, and a hint to the last words of the answers to the starred clues CANIGETAWITNESS
Member of the fam SIB
Monarch’s reign, e.g ERA
More loyal TRUER
Moves with the times ADAPTS
Neaten (up) TIDY
Not prohibited LEGAL
Nowhere to be found AWOL
On the ocean ASEA
Op-ed piece, e.g ESSAY
Part of wpm PER
Poetic “before” ERE
Russian dynast TSAR
Satisfied sigh AAH
Second sight, for short ESP
Sprang LEAPT
Spy-fi great John le __ CARRE
Sunup direction EAST
Supervillain Luthor LEX
Three feet YARD
Tot’s first word, maybe DADA
Twilled fabric SERGE
Typical Stan Lee role CAMEO
Western defense gp OAS
Wild dog of Australia DINGO
Witherspoon of “Wild” REESE
Word with fall or fill LAND
__ jockey DISC

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