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L.A. Times Daily – May 11 2019

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Clues Answers
“And fly, __ evil intercept thy flight”: Milton ERE
“Between the World and Me” author Ta-Nehisi __ COATES
“Place de la Concorde” artist DEGAS
“Submitted for your approval … ” first name ROD
“The Post” co-star STREEP
1975 ABC debut, initially GMA
Adjective for Scotty on “Star Trek” WEE
Anguished protest YOWL
Annual gown renters GRADS
Baker, for one STREET
Bizarre OUTRE
Bowl over AMAZE
Cavalry member LANCEMAN
Chin stroker’s words LETSSEE
Classic paper name HERALD
Credit as an inspiration OWEITTO
Cy Young Award stat ERA
Dear, to Donizetti CARO
Delta hub code ATL
Devious laugh HEH
Dictated ORAL
Dwelled (on) BROODED
Exec’s private jet, say PERK
Fast-paced highlight video SIZZLEREEL
Fighting involving excavated shelters TRENCHWARFARE
Fine, in old slang OKE
French city on the Rhone AVIGNON
Gets by EVADES
Go caving SPELUNK
Got some air, say TOOKFIVE
Had no doubt FELTSURE
Hardy red hog DUROC
Hawaiian parties LUAUS
Hitchcock antagonist BATES
Honoree of Springsteen’s 2006 “We Shall Overcome” album SEEGER
Lat neighbor DELT
Latin primer word AMO
Lowly laborers SERFS
Many a Ben & Jerry’s flavor PUN
Modern gamer’s headset, briefly VRGOGGLES
Most delicate FRAILEST
Multicolored solidarity emblem PRIDEFLAG
Nordic cured salmon appetizer GRAVLAX
Not right OFF
Org. concerned with gaps, at times ADA
Perfectly harmonious ASONE
Portugal’s capital, locally LISBOA
Provide another context for REFRAME
San Joaquin Valley wine region MADERA
Sch. with a Schuylkill campus PSU
Singer who made Georgia famous RAYCHARLES
Sports show hosts, often RECAPPERS
Take off the table? EAT
Taloned predators ERNS
Theatrical potpourri REVUE
Trimming tool ADZE
TV warrior princess XENA
Two-piece ensembles PANTSUITS
Urban shortcut ALLEY
Word with safe or out PLAY
__ de Boulogne: Paris park BOIS