L.A. Times Daily – May 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Ain’t gonna happen” NOHOW
“Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing” singer Chris ISAAK
“Certainement!” OUI
“Cool beans!” NEATO
“For sure!” ITIS
“Letter From Birmingham Jail” initials MLK
“The rest is obvious” abbr ETC
“This Is Just My Face: __ Not to Stare”: memoir by Gabourey Sidibe TRY
“To __ is human … “ ERR
2020 N.L. MVP Freddie FREEMAN
Abhor HATE
Actor Efron who voices Fred in “Scoob!” ZAC
Adobe file format PDF
Animal house DEN
Appliance that seems to eat socks DRYER
Beverage similar to hard seltzer ALCOPOP
British lav LOO
Brought to ruin UNDONE
City of ancient Greece CORINTH
Confirm, as a password REENTER
Cookware purchase POT
Cornish game __ HEN
Decompose ROT
DOJ branch ATF
Factory SHOP
Finale END
First part of a quip about climate change AMINDCONTROLLED
Flute played by Zamfir PANPIPE
Form 1099 agcy IRS
Future flower BUD
Green, in a way NEW
Group of traveling performers TROUPE
Grown-up MATURE
Hearing organ EAR
Heavy weight TON
Hefty book TOME
Land north of Den NOR
Last part of the quip YOUTHINKABOUTIT
Leslie of “The Naked Gun” films NIELSEN
Like some windows TINTED
Long lunch? HERO
Lorna of literature DOONE
Mineral suffix ITE
Minor minder SITTER
Neither here nor there ENROUTE
Opera solo ARIA
PC virus check SCAN
Pedometer unit STEP
Picture that shows more detail: Abbr ENL
Pumpernickel grain RYE
Sale rack abbr IRR
Second part of the quip AIRDEODORIZER
See 51-Across LIPA
Shack HUT
Ship leader: Abbr CAPT
Short lunch? BLT
Site to do one’s bidding EBAY
Spring for lunch TREAT
Steelmaking raw material IRONORE
Sting’s real last name SUMNER
Streaming delay LAG
Swamp plant SEDGE
Syrup source TREESAP
Tall decorative addition around some cakes COLLAR
Third part of the quip MAKESSCENTSIF
Time for action DDAY
TV network with pledge drives PBS
Was philanthropic DONATED
Watering hole BAR
With 58-Down, 2018 Best New Artist Grammy winner DUA
Works in a park, perhaps STATUES
Works very hard TOILS
Zip, nada, zilch NOTONE
__ and cheese MAC
__ de Triomphe ARC

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