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L.A. Times Daily – May 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“As __ my last email … “ PER
“Promising Young Woman” writer/director Fennell EMERALD
“To say they __ I dare not be so bold”: Shakespeare ERR
“__ you quite through?” ARE
*Cut from the short loin STRIPSTEAK
*Finish loads of work? DOTHEWASH
*Native American ritual RAINDANCE
*Rust-Oleum product SPRAYPAINT
AQI monitor EPA
Arrest NAB
Automaker named for a Japanese river ISUZU
Awards for Hunt and Hunter OSCARS
Bit part CAMEO
Brain section LOBE
Caught some z’s SLEPT
Chew noisily CHOMP
Cleveland NBAer CAV
Come to light ARISE
Cry with a finger snap AHA
Derriere TUSH
Donald Glover series set in the South ATLANTA
Drain SAP
Drinks with steep prices? TEAS
Drops on the grass DEW
Econ. measure GNP
Evasive maneuvering, and what can literally be found in the answers to the starred clues RUNAROUND
Feasted on ATE
Formal discourse ORATION
Gillian’s role on “The X-Files” DANA
Global news agcy UPI
Happen OCCUR
Infatuate BESOT
Innocent NAIF
L.A. winter hrs PST
Lack of continuity GAP
Laura Linney Netflix series OZARK
Light baked dish SOUFFLE
Longish skirt MIDI
Louver part SLAT
Major-leaguer PRO
Makes soaking wet SOUSES
Most populous NATO country USA
Net-neutrality regulatory org FCC
Not done all at once GRADUAL
Notable time period EPOCH
Office contact no EXT
Old TV parts TUBES
One of Pittsburgh’s three rivers OHIO
Opera set in Egypt that debuted in Cairo AIDA
Org. that accepts returns IRS
Overly submissive SERVILE
Pea sheller’s discard POD
Peignoir trim LACE
Polly-syllabic pet? PARROT
Potter character FLOPSY
Project that must be defended THESIS
Provide job support? ABET
Restraining order HALT
Sacred chests ARKS
Secondhand USED
Shabby WORN
Shriveled DRIEDUP
Sir Carter, to Beyoncé SON
Slithery fish EEL
Some twins BEDS
Sprinkle that adds umami, for short MSG
Stands up to FACES
Starts to come out of one’s shell OPENSUP
Take it easy RELAX
Vacation spots RESORTS
W/o delay ASAP
Well-chosen APT
With resolve STOUTLY
__ of averages LAW
__ support TECH