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L.A. Times Daily – May 14 2019

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Clues Answers
“Size matters not” Jedi master YODA
“This I Promise You” band NSYNC
“__ and away!” UPUP
“__ light is not daylight”: Juliet YON
*Hardly cutting-edge OLDSCHOOL
*Ingratiate oneself (with) CURRYFAVOR
*Joke payoff PUNCHLINE
*Last stage of a chess match ENDGAME
43,560 square feet ACRE
Armenian’s neighbor IRANI
Boxer Laila ALI
Brahms played it PIANO
Brew for an early night DECAF
Brian of ambient music ENO
Car cam spot DASH
Charlotte NBA team HORNETS
Childish comeback ARENOT
Choir section ALTOS
Concerns of teachers and ophthalmologists PUPILS
Deign (to) STOOP
Doctored in a bad way FAKED
Drop of sweat BEAD
Early TV maker RCA
Element with the symbol “Fe” IRON
Extended period of time LONGRUN
Falcon-headed son of Osiris HORUS
Fish out of water MISFIT
Good name for a cook STU
Group often threatened in dystopian fiction HUMANRACE
Gun, as an engine REV
Hair clump TUFT
High-end Honda ACURA
In conflict ATODDS
Japanese seaport OTARU
Lao Tzu’s “way” TAO
Latin American dances TANGOS
Lecherous sorts ROUES
Like most phone cards PREPAID
Made cryptic ENCODED
Mama bear, in Madrid OSA
Mister Rogers FRED
Musical talent EAR
Name in Japanese WWII propaganda TOKYOROSE
Needing cleaning, as tabletops DUSTY
Of __: helpful for USETO
Oscar night celebration … and where to find the ends of the answers to starred clues AFTERPARTY
Outlaw BAN
Part of a Park Ave. address NYNY
Part of DVD DISC
Peace Nobelist Root ELIHU
Play part SCENE
Pop in a bottle COLA
Prayer opener OGOD
Pricing word PER
Princess Fiona’s love SHREK
Quran reader IMAM
Refueling ship OILER
Reverberate ECHO
Rude look LEER
Sacred Judaic scroll TORAH
Salon sound SNIP
Shoe pad INSOLE
Shore (up) PROP
Similar AKIN
Spooky EERIE
Springs LEAPS
Sun. speech SER
Surprised sounds OHS
That is NAMELY
Turn toward FACE
Type of pie popular in Southern cuisine PECAN
Verbally tears apart SCATHES
Wild guess STAB
Wispy clouds CIRRI