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L.A. Times Daily – May 18 2019

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Clues Answers
“Macbeth” brew ingredient before “Witches’ mummy” TOOTHOFWOLF
Address for a 1-Across, perhaps SIR
Agreement between states ENTENTE
B.J. of “The Office” NOVAK
Banjo bar FRET
Barbarian horde HUNS
Buck heroine OLAN
Came (to) AMOUNTED
Certain clinic contributor SPERMDONOR
City with a Penn State campus ALTOONA
Cochise player of early TV ANSARA
Constellation points STARS
Devoured, with “up” ATE
Domicile in front of 123 Sesame Street TRASHCAN
Dropped in on PAIDAVISIT
Farm males TOMS
Former late-night talk star, familiarly ARSENIO
Frozen beverages ICEES
Giovanni Ribisi title con man SNEAKYPETE
Hall of Fame quarterback Graham OTTO
Has a thought IDEATES
Hilarious AHOOT
Homework shirker’s comeuppance NOTV
It includes AAPL and MSFT THEDOW
It may hold broken pottery RUIN
Khamenei or Khatami IRANIAN
Kind of list TODO
Light touches TAPS
Limp Bizkit genre RAPROCK
Makes a lot of progress GETSFAR
Many an Irish song LILT
Medically closed up SUTURED
More kooky ODDER
Mrs. Krabappel of “The Simpsons” EDNA
Muesli brand ALPEN
Musician Lennon SEAN
Mystical views AURAE
Olympic figure skating gold medalist after Kristi OKSANA
One may be rolled out in the park TARP
Pastry portmanteau CRONUT
Persian passageway CATDOOR
Play with unseen players RADIODRAMA
Point or pointer TIP
Pompous sorts SNOOTS
Refrain opener TRA
Rippled, like chips WAVY
Saddle-making tool AWL
Satirized SENTUP
Significant span ERA
Sounding off RANTING
Source of blowups TNT
Steal, perhaps DEAL
Stir to action AROUSE
Take care of business SEETOIT
Tavern offering ALE
They’re off-limits NONOS
Thrill from Sills ARIA
Tic __: mints TACS
Trattoria entrée VEALMARSALA
Try for a better hand DRAW
Wading birds with camouflage plumage SNIPES
What often comes before pie SWEETIE