L.A. Times Daily – May 19 2022 Crossword Solutions

L.A. Times Daily – May 19 2022

Clues Answers
“Fancy!” OOLALA
“Give or take” ISH
“Happy now?” SEE
“I’m blushing!” OHSTOP
“Invisible Man” novelist ELLISON
“It __ meant to be” WASNT
“Meet the Press” moderator Chuck TODD
“Mental Illness” Grammy winner Aimee MANN
“Mon __!” DIEU
“Oh, brother!” YEESH
“Say that’s true … “ IFSO
“What a shame” ITSSAD
“__ on it”: “You can be sure” IDBET
*”Is it almost time for dinner?” WHENDOWEEAT
*Easy order for a bartender WHISKEYNEAT
*The place to be, informally WHEREITSAT
*Toast choice WHOLEWHEAT
1910s conflict, for short WWI
Adler called “the woman” by Sherlock Holmes IRENE
B’way passes TIX
Blasting material TNT
Blu-__ Disc RAY
Boring SLOW
Buenos __ AIRES
Bygone airline TWA
Climber’s goal APEX
Closer’s inning NINTH
College domain EDU
Dos y dos CUATRO
Early stage INFANCY
Experience schoolyard highs and lows? SEESAW
Fig or olive TREE
Final thoughts? ESSAYTEST
First lady Biden JILL
Floral wreath LEI
Fragrant herb SAGE
Galoot OAF
Get on in years AGE
Hand or foot UNIT
Clues Answers
HDTV choice LCD
Hobby shop buys KITS
Homeopathic treatment for bruises ARNICA
Ideal places EDENS
In demand WANTED
Joey of kiddie lit ROO
Lee with a posthumous cameo in “Avengers: Endgame” STAN
Lets use for now LENDS
Liu who plays the title role in 2020’s “Mulan” YIFEI
Mall event SALE
Mani-pedi spots SPAS
Moose __, Saskatchewan JAW
More than most ALL
Narc’s org DEA
On a cruise ASEA
Online journal BLOG
Organic flytrap WEB
Overly TOO
Paul of “Bewitched” LYNDE
Playpen party TOT
Rare blood type, briefly BNEG
Rhetorical strategy of countering an accusation with another accusation, and an apt description of the answers to the starred clues WHATABOUTISM
Should, informally OUGHTA
Simple shirt TEE
Singer Sheena EASTON
Some map dots ISLES
Some matriarchs AUNTS
Southern California chain known for pastrami THEHAT
Sparks org WNBA
Suitable APT
Tattle (on) RAT
Tattled (on) TOLD
Tidal movement FLOW
Tidal movement EBB
U2 lead singer BONO
Unexpected endings TWISTS
Unit of corn EAR
Up to, in ads TIL
Yesterday evening LASTNIGHT
__ Eats UBER
__ shadow EYE

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