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L.A. Times Daily – May 23 2018

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Clues Answers
“And __ off!” THEYRE
“Cosmos” host SAGAN
“Do I have a volunteer?” ANYONE
“Evil Woman” band, briefly ELO
“Get outta there!” SCAT
“MASH” setting: Abbr KOR
“Walking in Memphis” singer Marc COHN
’60s TV show whose title means “doctor” in Swahili DAKTARI
’70s-’80s Egyptian president SADAT
*1979 boxing sequel ROCKYII
*Hall of Fame pitcher with the 1930s Cardinals DIZZYDEAN
*Precarious position SHAKYGROUND
*Very small chance FAINTHOPE
+ or – particle ION
1986 Indy 500 champ Bobby RAHAL
Actor Carell STEVE
Agassi of tennis ANDRE
Amer. money USD
Anger IRE
Attic function STORAGE
Bronchial woe ASTHMA
Business magnate CZAR
Carded at a club, briefly IDED
Chi. White Sox or Bos. Red Sox ALTEAM
Chinese menu surname TSO
Citrus suffix ADE
Classification prefix meaning “arrangement” TAXO
Colorful quartz AGATE
CSI lab sample DNA
Do an airport maintenance job DEICE
Doled (out) METED
Eager about, with “on” KEEN
Fall behind LAG
Feeling woozy … and a hint to the first words of the answers to starred clues LIGHTHEADED
Fez, e.g HAT
Fido’s poodle amie FIFI
Folklore brute OGRE
For a special purpose ADHOC
Clues Answers
Former Houston hockey team AEROS
Foul mood SNIT
Gave grub to FED
Gloomy DOUR
Grade-schooler CHILD
Heads for GOESTO
Hero of Uris’ “Exodus” ARI
Hit the slopes SKI
Honeycomb unit CELL
Hyundai sedan AZERA
Invasive Asian vine KUDZU
It has a dozen signs: Abbr ZOD
Italian fashion label PRADA
Jaguar model XKE
Journalist Paula ZAHN
Knock RAP
Lack of musical skill NOEAR
Long-lasting needlework? TATTOO
Low clouds STRATI
Lowest in fat LEANEST
LP player HIFI
Most coquettish COYEST
Not as clear HAZIER
One way to pay INCASH
Puts into piles STACKS
Scold, with “out” REAM
Subtle summons PSST
Symphonic winds OBOES
Take it easy REST
Tequila plant AGAVE
Time division ERA
Tossed __ SALAD
Totally puzzled ATALOSS
Wanted poster letters AKA
What candidates “press” a lot of FLESH
Zoo opening in Britain ZED
__ Ark NOAHS
__-Roman wrestling GRECO