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L.A. Times Daily – May 23 2019

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Clues Answers
“Dover Beach” poet ARNOLD
“Hey!” PSST
“Merciless” Flash Gordon foe MING
“Seriously, man!” DUDE
Aardvark snack ANT
Actor Chaney LON
Adds highlights to, perhaps DYES
Analyze critically PARSE
Answer an insult with an insult, say REACT
Apr. addressee IRS
Arabian arroyo WADI
Beans or baloney ROT
Becomes a burden IMPOSES
Buffalo’s county ERIE
Business address abbr STE
Caustic chemical LYE
Cheese with an edible rind BRIE
Chiffon-like materials VOILEFABRICS
Contents of many cartridges INKS
Counting gadgets ABACI
Crosses (out) XES
Czech Republic region BOHEMIA
Delivery announcement ITSABOY
Device common on “Seinfeld” IRONY
End of a corporal’s URL MIL
European woman’s name meaning “peace” IRENA
Future first lady wed in 1842 MARYTODD
Gibbons, e.g APES
Give a speech ORATE
Hangs on a line? WAITS
Irish pop group family name CORR
It often follows you ARE
It’s all around us AIR
Ivan or Nicholas TSAR
Left the country? SECEDED
Likely APT
Line to the audience ASIDE
Longing YEN
Michener novel with astronauts SPACE
Music featuring sitars RAGA
Neurologist’s printout, briefly EEG
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Nutrient-rich legume SOYBEAN
Often colorful accessories SCARVES
Once, old-style ERST
Piccadilly Circus statue EROS
Plain text PROSE
Poem of homage ODE
Puppeteer Lewis SHARI
Remote batteries AAS
Rocky Mountains nickname MILEHIGHCITY
Safe places? BANKS
Sapporo sashes OBIS
SFO postings ARRS
Short flight HOP
Simple salad … and what the starts of the five other longest answers are? MIXEDGREENS
Skillful deed FEAT
Slugger’s stat RBI
Spotted African predator HYENA
Starbucks order LATTE
State of northeast India ASSAM
Story lesson MORAL
Temporarily unavailable INUSE
They’re heavier than foils EPEES
Third-century date CCI
Time period SPAN
Tire-shaped TORIC
To be, to Brutus ESSE
Took the bus RODE
U.S. gaming release of 1989 SEGAGENESIS
Windy home, probably AERIE
Winter eave buildup ICEDAM
Word from a bull BUY
Words after shake or break ALEG
Worry FRET
__ Bag: eponymous ’70s designer label BEENE