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L.A. Times Daily – May 3 2019

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Clues Answers
“Ditto!” SOAMI
“I didn’t really say everything I said” speaker BERRA
“Old MacDonald” sound MOOMOO
“Platoon” setting, briefly NAM
“Sweet!” COOL
’60s campus org SDS
Act like a court jester? AMUSEASDIRECTED
Aerie, for one NEST
Arabian Sea nation OMAN
British suffix ISE
Capital of Samoa APIA
Cause to boil IRE
Caviar fish BELUGA
Checkout facilitator BARCODE
Chem. class suffix IDE
Chic modifier TRES
Chronicles of Sodom and Gomorrah? AMORALHISTORIES
Darth, when he was young ANI
Debussy’s “La __” MER
Divided trio? DEES
Empty talk GAS
Equestrian’s forte RIDING
Flashy jewelry for a stroll in the park? AMBLINGBLING
Friend of Tigger ROO
Gardener’s supply MULCH
Group of stealthy attackers? AMBUSHLEAGUE
Identifies NAMES
It borders four oceans EURASIA
July 4th or December 25th, for many DAYOFF
Like the dawn’s early light DIM
Lucy’s TV pal ETHEL
Many a southwestern Asian ARAB
More than asks URGES
Move using eBay SELL
Museum manager CURATOR
Negotiate successfully DOADEAL
Obedience school word STAY
Old-style “Tsk!” FIE
Once, quaintly ERST
One might be commanding TONE
One promoting togetherness UNIFIER
Org. monitoring wetlands EPA
Outtake, often BLOOPER
Overwhelms with sound DEAFENS
PC key ALT
Pesto morsel PINENUT
Pollen producers STAMENS
Pupil covering CORNEA
Purposes USES
Reachable ATHAND
Request at the bar, with “up” SETEM
Ring holders TOES
Ronny Howard role OPIE
Seasonal quaff NOG
See 24-Across NIN
Shop sign nos HRS
Small shot BBS
Supposedly Irish greeting … or a hint to four long answers TOPOFTHEMORNING
Sushi bar side dish EDAMAME
Take the risk DARE
Teahouse mat TATAMI
The “1” in 15, really TEN
Tiger’s targets HOLES
Tile space-filler GROUT
Type of band ONEMAN
Wall support STUD
When “Fair is foul, and foul is fair” is spoken in “Macbeth” ACTI
With 64-Across, “Henry and June” author ANAIS
Writer of sweet words? ICER
Year, in Seville ANO
__ gum: thickening agent GUAR