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L.A. Times Daily – May 3 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“A Jug of Wine … ” poet OMAR
“Being and Nothingness” author SARTRE
“Big” fast-food orders MACS
“Cats” monogram TSE
“Got it” ISEE
“Gunsmoke” star ARNESS
’70s supergroup, initially ELP
2/3 of 100? ZEROES
37-Down’s Ernie ELS
A-apple link ASIN
Absolute ARRANT
Accept as true BELIEVE
Acts as a self-appointed regulator of POLICES
Animated queen NALA
Apple leftovers CORES
Ávila aunts TIAS
Barely worth mentioning SOSO
Baum’s good witch GLINDA
Billy Joel’s songwriting daughter ALEXA
Bit of a jam BIND
Blowup: Abbr ENL
Bollywood soundtrack strings SITAR
Bracket shape ELL
Brief sign of status REP
Bring joy to ELATE
Butte-to-Helena dir NNE
Call from the back LOUDER
Can’t get enough of LOVES
Cherry-flavored brandy KIRSCH
Chips on the table KITTY
Cologne’s river RHINE
Copy APE
Cosmonaut’s home RUSSIA
Cry from a sting OUCH
Depleted sea ARAL
DKNY label creator KARAN
Dorm diet staple RAMEN
Drive-__ THRU
E-flat equivalent DSHARP
Early hrs AMS
Eccentric sort GEEZER
Elliott of hip-hop MISSY
EMT destinations ERS
Errand runner GOFER
Figure __ EIGHT
Film studio VIP DIR
Fixed rate SETFEE
Flower features SEPALS
Forensic analysts, briefly CSIS
Franchise-based supermarket chain IGA
Garbage hauler SCOW
Gets the old gang together REUNES
Glitterati groups ALISTS
God, in Genoa DIO
Golf course design features SWALES
Gp. for good drivers PGA
Greek sandwich GYRO
Hail __ ACAB
Half a frozen potato brand IDA
Head honcho MRBIG
Husband-and-wife creators of Curious George REYS
Instrument in a piano trio CELLO
It may be fake TAN
Jodie Foster title role NELL
Keyboards with stops ORGANS
Kitchen prep job PARING
Layer of bricks MASON
Letters before Fridays TGI
Like a ruined balloon BURST
Like many AARP mems RET
Liquid from a trunk SAP
Little helper? ASST
Louisiana cuisine CREOLE
Love of Lennon’s life ONO
Make a home (in) RESIDE
Make anew, as a trench REDIG
Marble characteristic VEIN
More, in Mazatlán MAS
Nest egg acronym IRA
New Zealand settler MAORI
Nudges along PRODS
One carrying a torch WELDER
One on a stroll AMBLER
Online greeting ECARD
Orally report STATE
Part of LLC: Abbr LTD
Part of NCAA: Abbr ATH
PC virus check SCAN
Photog’s choice SLR
Picking from a mug book IDING
Place LIEU
Place with pins and balls LANE
Portable Asian shelter YURT
Postpaid encl SASE
Pre-med subject ANATOMY
Prefix with act or play INTER
Queued up INALINE
Rat Pack leader SINATRA
Readied for impact TENSED
River craft for early French explorers BATEAU
Rob __: cocktails ROYS
Rose extract ATTAR
Royal headwear DIADEM
Rural skyline feature SILO
Russian rejections NYETS
Sábado, on viernes MANANA
Safer on TV MORLEY
Sermon subjects SINS
Sign up ENROLL
Singer with numbered albums ADELE
Sir __, nickname for the NBA’s Barkley CHARLES
Some recyclables METALS
Some saxes ALTOS
Some, in San Juan UNAS
Speed Wagon make REO
Stands for MEANS
Strips in a darkroom, briefly NEGS
Suisse capital BERNE
Summoned, in a way RANG
Tapas bar libation SANGRIA
Teeth: Pref DENTI
Thesis: Abbr DISS
They may precede bat flips HOMERS
Tint HUE
Turncoat RAT
Tweet creator, at times BOT
Tylenol target ACHE
URL ending ORG
Uses HelloFresh, say EATSIN
White fur ERMINE
Word in a “What’s done is done” proverb SPILT
Word with bread or butter KNIFE
Yoked pair OXEN
__ hammer CLAW