L.A. Times Daily – May 3 2022 Crossword answers

Clues Answers
“Almost!” NOTQUITE
“And here it is!” TADA
“Can’t be helped” AHWELL
“Gorillas in the Mist” animal APE
“I’m __ ears!” ALL
“It’s c-c-cold” BRR
“Mamma Mia!” pop group ABBA
“Oh my gosh!” reactions GASPS
“R u for real?” SRSLY
“Rhyme Pays” rapper ICET
“Right on!” AMEN
“The Problem With __”: documentary about Indian stereotypes on “The Simpsons” APU
“We’re on!” ITSAGO
“__-Man and the Wasp” ANT
Actress Falco EDIE
Answering to UNDER
Approved, briefly OKD
As good as it gets IDEAL
Away from shore ASEA
Bargain hunter’s event RUMMAGESALE
Biological pouches SACS
Both parents, in some families DADS
Casual eatery CAFE
Chapel bench PEW
Communications code word for “A” ALFA
Dairy farm animal COW
Datebook entry: Abbr APPT
Distant AFAR
Dubai dignitary EMIR
Fertile desert spots OASES
First-stringers ATEAM
Garden-variety USUAL
Had a bite ATE
Hairstyle that may be maintained by a professional “loctician” DREADS
Happy __ clam ASA
http follower URL
Icon tapper USER
In order to SOTHAT
Iona College athletes GAELS
Items found on library shelves, and what are literally found in each set of circled letters BOOKENDS
Knucklehead DODO
Light lunches SALADS
Ludicrous ABSURD
Majestic homes PALACES
Major plot twist in “The Wizard of Oz”? TORNADO
Melodies TUNES
Musk of SpaceX ELON
News inits UPI
Oolong and rooibos TEAS
Pack animal ASS
Part of RBI RUN
Passionate AVID
Permit ALLOW
Polaris or Betelgeuse STAR
Prickly desert plants CACTI
Puts on edge UNNERVES
Really grooved on DUG
Really, really bad EVIL
Relay race segments LEGS
Resort island in the Ionian Sea CORFU
Response to someone saying 65-Down, perhaps BUNDLEUP
Rights advocacy org ACLU
Roxy Music co-founder Brian ENO
Seaweed gelatin AGAR
Skin art, for short TAT
Springs for dinner TREATS
Square NERDY
Syst. with hand gestures ASL
Title with a “II,” maybe SEQUEL
Transportation Secretary Buttigieg PETE
Wild animal’s home LAIR
Word before a maiden name NEE
__ Beds National Monument LAVA
__ City: Baltimore’s nickname CHARM

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