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L.A. Times Daily – May 30 2019

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Clues Answers
“A People’s History of the United States” writer Howard ZINN
“Afterwards … “ ANDTHEN
“Amscray!” GIT
“Blue Bloods” actor Selleck TOM
“Camptown Races” refrain syllables DOODAH
“High five!” UPTOP
“High Hopes” lyricist CAHN
“It’s not coming to me” IFORGET
“No kidding?” ISITTRUE
“Something to Talk About” singer RAITT
“We can’t win!” and “It’s useless!” CRIESOFDESPAIR
Atomic number of nitrogen SEVEN
Blue semiprecious stone AZURITE
Bubbly title DOM
Burn soothers ALOES
Candy bowl holder’s rule on Halloween ONEEACH
China setting ASIA
Cone producer FIR
Confidential SECRET
Considerable stretches EONS
Dreamed of a career in politics ASPIREDTOOFFICE
Drive-in server CARHOP
Dustin Johnson’s org PGA
Fodder for soothsayers OMENS
Fort Collins sch CSU
Garganta of “Femforce” comics, e.g GIANTESS
Hairy swinger APE
Hit one out, in baseball parlance GODEEP
Japanese show set in a kitchen IRONCHEF
Joint Chiefs member GENERAL
Last Olds models ALEROS
Like a zombie UNDEAD
Low-quality POOR
Mining supply TNT
More wicked EVILER
Mythical hunter DIANA
Name on a “Little Women” book jacket LOUISA
Navel variety INNIE
New father’s task, maybe … and what the three other longest puzzle answers have in common? CHANGINGDIAPERS
New Mexico resort TAOS
Nice picnic spot? PARC
Old Opry network TNN
Pen denizen FELON
Physics particle POSITRON
Pixie ELF
Publishing house hiree EDITOR
Puck’s place ICE
Puerto __: San Juan natives RICANS
Road gunk TAR
Saturn’s largest moon TITAN
Short albums, for short EPS
Singer Lopez TRINI
Small Indian state GOA
Snappy comebacks RETORTS
Soft drink choices PEPSIS
Somewhat ATAD
Spanish stuffed pastry EMPANADA
Start admitting both men and women GOCOED
Still wrapped UNOPENED
Subject of the documentary “Blackfish” ORCA
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Terra __ COTTA
Thames academy ETON
Took part in a revival PRAISEDTHELORD
TV commentator Navarro ANA
Vainglory EGO
Valium maker ROCHE
Word before cow, dog or lion SEA
Zombiepocalypse start? ZEE
__ generis SUI
__-g ZERO