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L.A. Times Daily – May 6 2019

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Clues Answers
“I wish __ told me” YOUD
“My pleasure!” IDLOVETO
“Piano Man” Billy JOEL
’50s White House nickname IKE
Adopted cat, e.g PET
Alien-seeking gp SETI
Arrive, as fog ROLLIN
Assert sans proof ALLEGE
Auntie’s hubby UNC
Baseball family name ALOU
Blood-typing letters ABO
Carry with effort LUG
Chinese toy dog SHIHTZU
Coat named for an Irish province ULSTER
Coffin carrier PALLBEARER
Cold-sounding product prefix SNO
College student’s federal subsidy PELLGRANT
Column base PEDESTAL
Crude, as behavior CRASS
Curved hammer part CLAW
Damascus is its cap SYR
Designer Gucci ALDO
Dog : woof :: cat : __ MEOW
Early color TVs RCAS
Early Jewish scholar HILLEL
Flashy jewelry BLING
Fruity toast topper JAM
FĂștbol cheer OLE
Good cholesterol, briefly HDL
Hotel cost per night ROOMRATE
Journey TRIP
Key in TYPE
Lindsay of “Freaky Friday” LOHAN
Literally, “with milk,” as cafĂ© AULAIT
Lounging robe CAFTAN
Lowly worker PEON
MADD concern DUI
MIT Chapel designer Saarinen EERO
More, musically PIU
Not quite a crowd? TWO
One sampling opinions POLLTAKER
One whose batted balls rarely go to the opposite field, in baseball lingo PULLHITTER
Opposite of baja ALTA
Oxen connector YOKE
Pay to a worker WAGE
Picked hairdo AFRO
Pond organism ALGA
Prefix with graphic or centric GEO
Prescription meds scheduling aid PILLORGANIZER
Progressive insurance spokeswoman FLO
Raise or call, say BET
Rise defensively on two legs, as a horse REARUP
Road that avoids town traffic BYPASS
Sales team member REP
Sault __ Marie STE
Second afterthought, in a ltr PPS
Sewn dress edge HEM
Sharp-eyed bird EAGLE
Sideburns trimmers RAZORS
Singles ONES
State sch. near Hartford UCONN
Stirs up trouble AGITATES
Stymie, in a porcine way HOGTIE
Summer in Paris ETE
Target and Walmart STORES
TD’s six PTS
TiVo predecessor VCR
Tool with teeth RAKE
Trash bag brand HEFTY
U.S. dept. with a bolt on its seal ENER
Veteran sailor OLDSALT
Was able to reach GOTAT
Where to find Delhi sandwiches INDIA
Words before time or clip ATA
Writer of verse POET
__ Whiz: processed spread CHEEZ