L.A. Times Daily – May 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“And all that” ETCETC
“Chocolat” actress OLIN
“Euphoria” actor Eric DANE
“Keep talking … “ TELLMEMORE
“Likely story” IBET
“No need to convince me” SOLD
“That can’t possibly be true” COMEON
“The Boys of My Youth” writer Jo __ Beard ANN
Actress Ward SELA
Aegean peninsula ATTICA
Aleve target ACHE
Bitey dog CUR
Boston street where Cheers is located BEACON
Buckwheat noodle SOBA
Campus group SOPHS
Caught up to, in a way TIED
Chemical synthesized in the liver KETONE
Chow from a halal cart, e.g STREETMEAT
City across from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge TAMPA
Covers up a plot? SODS
Cy Young stat ERA
Disdainful SNEERING
Doesn’t work hard COASTS
During AMID
Either “Twelfth Night” sibling TWIN
Elements of Petrarchan sonnets SESTETS
Experts who prefer open-minded people? MENTALISTS
Fell HEW
Five Pillars faith ISLAM
Flashes of insight AHAMOMENTS
Focus of a diary in some sleep therapy sessions LUCIDDREAMING
Forrest player TOM
Gardner of mystery ERLE
Genre that includes techno EDM
Golden Globe winner Tracee __ Ross ELLIS
Herbal brew REDTEA
Hosp. scan MRI
House blends, e.g TABLEWINES
Jolly good AOK
Mikvehs, e.g BATHS
Mind field, for short COGSCI
Muscle worked by a reverse fly, for short DELT
National Scrabble Day month APRIL
Nej : Swedish :: __ : Russian NYET
Put a handle on NAMED
Reproductive gland GONAD
Repurposed creatively, as trash UPCYCLED
Résumé concerns GAPS
Retailer with Outdoor Discovery programs LLBEAN
Sabermetrics input DATA
Sail a zigzag course TACK
Shoe brand with a Kate Spade New York collection KEDS
Shortening in some cookie recipes TBSP
Starts over RESETS
Taylor-Joy of “The Queen’s Gambit” ANYA
Trap during January, maybe ICEIN
United in a cause ALLIED
Unlikely to pipe up SHY
Vacay for parents-to-be BABYMOON
Van Halen icon HAGAR
Weirded out UNEASY
Wildly AMOK
Word with string or sing ALONG
Yellowish pink SALMON
Yoga class respite CHILDSPOSE
__ rock ARENA
__ zoo PETTING

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