L.A. Times Daily – May 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Aaaand that’s mine now!” YOINK
“Black Panther” role for Chadwick Boseman TCHALLA
“Cool,” in dated slang PHAT
“God Is a Woman” singer Grande ARIANA
“How could you even sugGEST that?” THEIDEA
“I’d rather not” PASS
“Insecure” star Rae ISSA
“Jeepers!” EEK
“Misery” Oscar winner BATES
“No siree” NEGATORY
“Okay, that’s enough from me” ILLSTOP
“Political Gabfest” podcast producer SLATE
“That’s my cue!” IMON
“v funny” HEHE
38-Down, notably POPDIVA
After taxes NET
Antioxidant beverage brand BAI
Argentine singer Mercedes known for “Gracias a la Vida” SOSA
Argued over prices HAGGLED
Ashtray debris BUTTS
Ballyhoo ADO
Balm additives ALOES
Befuddled gesture SHRUG
Big A-ha moment? TAKEONME
Bikini, e.g ATOLL
Bleu hue AZUR
Blood fluids SERA
Boatloads SLEWS
Bossa __ NOVA
Bread options in morning buffets BREAKFASTROLLS
Brief meeting? SESH
Brings up LIFTS
Cassis apéritif KIR
Challenges DARES
Clobbered WALLOPED
Comedian Notaro TIG
Competed in a track meet RAN
Components FACETS
Console SOOTHE
Contemptuous looks SNEERS
Counter-counterculture folks NORMIES
Currency NEWNESS
Curveball element TOPSPIN
Cut with a surgical beam LASE
Didn’t play SATOUT
Egg __ yung FOO
Energize AMPUP
Fatty tuna, to a sushi chef TORO
Feather __ DUSTER
Ferrera of “Superstore” AMERICA
Fight like a country kid RASSLE
Film versions made by devotees FANEDITS
Fiver FIN
Flew south for the winter, say MIGRATED
Generational divides AGEGAPS
Genghis Khan’s realm MONGOLEMPIRE
Golfo contents AGUA
Hip hop dance move NAENAE
Historian Cobb who writes for The New Yorker JELANI
Hitting the market soon NOTYETINSTORES
Horde HOST
Inbox fillers EMAILS
Inviting call from a treehouse UPHERE
Keycard receivers SLOTS
La Liga cheer OLE
Leaf-eating pests APHIDS
Like undercooked brownies GOOEY
Line of work for a dog walker? LEASH
Lines from an admirer ODE
Low-scoring tie ONEONE
Madagascar primate LEMUR
Mag. unit ISS
Make quite an entrance ROARIN
Maker of Berryblossom White tea TAZO
Many a “Call the Midwife” character NUN
Many a tax-exempt organization CHARITY
Mass-transit option BUS
Mireille of “Big Love” ENOS
Movie that may feature a meet-cute scene ROMCOM
Musician honored as a National Hero of Barbados RIHANNA
Name in a will HEIR
Nights of anticipation EVES
Nintendo console WII
North Carolina university ELON
Novelist Tan AMY
Odysseys, e.g HONDAS
One of the Big Five in Hollywood’s Golden Age RKO
Painter Diego RIVERA
Philosophy ISM
Poorly lit DIM
Possesses OWNS
Proclaims TRUMPETS
Puts on the line RISKS
Quarreling ATIT
Radio knob FMDIAL
Retro ski lift TBAR
See 113-Down PAUL
Sicilian seaport PALERMO
Sinuous ski race SLALOM
Smidge TAD
Snag in a plan WRINKLE
Some political campaign research, for short OPPO
South Asian rice cake IDLI
Spanish 101 verb SER
Spanish gold ORO
Splatter guard APRON
Sports venues ARENAS
Spur to action EGGON
Sticks by the pool table CUES
Strong ale brewed by Trappists in the Low Countries BELGIANTRIPEL
Summer month JUNE
Sunset dirección OESTE
Supercharged TURBO
Surname well known in Stars Hollow GILMORE
Take longer than necessary DRAGONESFEET
The Yoko of “Dear Yoko” and “Oh Yoko!” ONO
Thumbs-up gestures OKSIGNS
Time period often named for an art movement ERA
TNT part TRI
Tomorrow INADAY
Topples the Jenga tower, say LOSES
Trip to the plate ATBAT
Uno y dos TRES
Valet’s array CARKEYS
Vinyl records, briefly LPS
Wet wipes brand LYSOL
With 21-Down, guitarist in the National Inventors Hall of Fame LES
[I’m a goat!] MAA
[What a relief!] SIGH
__ box FUSE
__ down the law LAY
__ guzzler GAS
__ juice MOO
__ of Wight ISLE
__ out a win (almost lost) EKED
__ skills PEOPLE
__-ball pens UNI

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