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L.A. Times Daily – May 9 2019

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Clues Answers
“Best before” cousin USEBY
“Star Wars” heavy breather VADER
“Star Wars” sentence inverter YODA
“The Simpsons” disco guy STU
“You’re __ luck” OUTA
’60s-’70s All-Star pitcher Tiant LUIS
*Casino fixtures where blinds might be used POKERTABLES
*Finds flaws (in) PICKSHOLES
*Skilled debaters POLEMICISTS
*They make nuts healthy POLYUNSATURATES
Advil alternative ALEVE
Airman, slangily FLYBOY
Alaskan cruise sight FJORD
Award named for a goddess CLIO
Baseball bat wood ASH
Bldgs. with many boxes POS
Can’t stand ABHORS
Citation ender, briefly ETAL
Clear, as a copier UNJAM
Closes in on NEARS
Fills in for ACTSAS
Financial records BOOKS
Fine __ ARTS
First choice FAVE
Formerly, formerly ERST
Freebie COMP
French possessive ATOI
Gym iterations REPS
Half of sechs DREI
Historic NYC club, with “The” COPA
Home to K2 ASIA
Hoppy brews IPAS
In complete opposition … and a feature of the four other longest answers POLESAPART
Insured patient’s obligation COPAY
Intestinal sections ILEA
Iris ring AREOLA
Kept in one’s sights EYED
Let out, e.g ALTER
Like some fried food OILY
Marine threat ORCA
Milan’s La __ SCALA
Old Russian ruler TSAR
Oracle SEER
Place to unwind SPA
Prefix with natal NEO
Pungent mayo AIOLI
Put down ABASE
River through Tours LOIRE
Roadster rod AXLE
Sensory omen regarding money ITCHYPALM
Shot water? RAPIDS
Showed off a muscle FLEXED
Sign-off word YOURS
Slash on a score sheet SPARE
Soprano Ponselle who debuted at the Met opposite Caruso ROSA
Source of fries SPUD
Squirrel away HOARD
Tank contents GAS
The Huskies of the NCAA’s Big East UCONN
Thurman’s role in “The Avengers” PEEL
Tiny swimmer AMEBA
Truth stretcher LIAR
Unaccompanied STAG
Urban bane SMOG
Usually multilayered dessert TORTE
Violin music instruction ARCO
Wild, all-night party RAVE
Wine barrel wood OAK
Wipe out ERASE
Yemeni port ADEN
__ card: common phone component SIM
__ shorts BOXER