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L.A. Times Daily – May 9 2020 – Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Come again?’ HUH
‘Gracie’s Choice’ Emmy nominee ANNEHECHE
‘I’m writing so you’ll know … ‘ THISISJUSTTOSAY
‘Midnight in Paris’ actor Wilson OWEN
‘Queen Sugar’ creator DuVernay AVA
‘The Kitchen God’s Wife’ novelist AMYTAN
‘You don’t need to tell me’ IMAWARE
‘__ plaisir!’ AVEC
Advanced degs PHDS
Aptly named American Eagle store AERIE
Australian city named for a Scottish city PERTH
Barbaric INHUMAN
Beaufort scale listings GALES
Best of the bets SAFEST
Breaks up DISRUPTS
Campfire exchange TALES
Certain intradermal exams, for short TBTESTS
Chica’s ‘other’ OTRA
Court service JURYDUTY
CPR specialist EMT
Cravat cousin ASCOT
Cristina __, Sandra Oh’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ role YANG
Dangerous bar THIRDRAIL
Diagnostic tests XRAYS
Dudley’s nemesis, in toons SNIDELY
Emergency treatment, for short DEFIB
Esther who co-founded In-N-Out Burger SNYDER
Exchange, as words BANDY
Five Pillars faith ISLAM
Footprint, maybe CLUE
Fort Sumter summer hrs EDT
Fully developed RIPE
Get better, perhaps AGE
Gets wind of HEARS
Gives a fitting role TYPECASTS
Home of the Ewoks ENDOR
Inner determination DRIVE
Intensity ARDOR
Iowa Department of Transportation city AMES
Jersey chew CUD
Jr. and sr YRS
Kurosawa’s ‘Ran,’ for one EPIC
Liberal group? ARTS
Low-calorie sweetener SPLENDA
Muslim face veil NIQAB
NBA periods QTRS
Part of HRH HER
Pickle juice BRINE
Polite gesture HATTIP
Portraitist John Singer __ SARGENT
Proprieties ETIQUETTE
Protracted LENGTHY
Pureed condiment FISHPASTE
Represents as identical EQUATES
Ritual in the month of Nisan SEDER
Robin portrayer Ward BURT
Seafood order SCAMPI
Selected TAKEN
Sushi order EEL
Swampy ‘Star Wars’ planet DAGOBAH
Title 2019 Pokémon film detective PIKACHU
Title bout, say MAINEVENT
Virtual citizens in a video game SIMS
Wealthy donors FATCATS
Winter : hibernates :: summer : __ ESTIVATES
__ Energy: PepsiCo drink AMP