L.A. Times Daily – May 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Do __ others … “ UNTO
“I double-dog __ you!” DARE
“I like it!” SUITSME
“Monty Python and the Holy __” GRAIL
“That’s a pretty big __” ASK
“Wonder Woman” comic book writer Simone GAIL
52 19-Acrosses YEAR
A crony of INWITH
Academic address ending EDU
All-you-can-eat restaurant regular? BUFFETBUFF
Anoushka Shankar’s music genre RAGA
Applies gently DABS
Asparagus unit SPEAR
Baking soda target ODOR
Balloon filler AIR
Be inclined (to) TEND
Be next to ABUT
Before the deadline EARLY
Bit of advice TIP
Bolos and ascots TIES
Campaign poster imperative ELECT
Capital city near the Sphinx CAIRO
Carried BORNE
Cemetery connoisseur? HEADSTONEHEAD
Closely held confidence DEEPSECRET
Cookie Monster’s color BLUE
Deceitful sort LIAR
Discovery Channel’s “Shark __” WEEK
Dredge in flour before cooking, e.g COAT
Earth Day mo APR
Elev HGT
Embarrassing loss ROUT
Epic story SAGA
Evening party SOIREE
Extends across SPANS
Fill to the brim SATIATE
Former constellation named for a mythological ship ARGO
Frequent hairstyle for Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross AFRO
Front page material NEWS
Ga. neighbor FLA
Glasses, monocles, etc EYEWEAR
Got out of bed AROSE
Greek queen of heaven HERA
Hard to find SCARCE
Hunk on a magazine cover, e.g HEARTTHROB
Ill-behaved child BRAT
Ill-fated biblical brother ABEL
Imitate a bunny HOP
In the past AGO
Inventor’s need IDEA
Lamb nurser EWE
Late-night TV pioneer Jack PAAR
Make bigger ENLARGE
Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing __ of Tidying Up” MAGIC
Minor impediment SNAG
NFL arbiter REF
Obsessive Christmas-season ballet attendee? NUTCRACKERNUT
Off in the distance AFAR
Off-the-wall LOOPY
Official order EDICT
Priestly robes ALBS
Punch-in-the-gut reactions OOFS
Rack one’s brains THINK
Software-made FX CGI
Stat for a pitcher ERA
Stogies CIGARS
Sunscreen letters SPF
Sunset locale WEST
Taverns PUBS
The “A” of IPA ALE
Trumpet flourish aficionado? FANFAREFAN
Urge YEN
Water and Wall in NYC STS
Will Ferrell Christmas film ELF
__ New Guinea PAPUA
__-a-brac BRIC

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