L.A. Times Daily – Nov 1 2018

Clues Answers
“These are the times that try men’s souls” writer PAINE
“Wayward Pines” actress Melissa __ LEO
“Will do!” ONIT
Ancient Roman road ITER
Archie’s boss, in detective fiction NERO
Asian tents YURTS
B.C. or P.E.I PROV
Baseball’s __ Joe JOLTIN
Become too old to qualify AGEOUT
Bio lab gel AGAR
Bridal bio word NEE
British rule in India RAJ
Bug with bounce FLEA
Calyx part SEPAL
Car-collecting comedian LENO
Catholic devotions NOVENAS
Childish response to a dare CANSO
Coldplay lead singer Chris __ MARTIN
Cooler in an apt. window ACUNIT
Criminal group MAFIA
Culinary topper TOQUE
Deep-sixes JUNKS
Delivering excellent service to? ACING
Dessert slice PIE
Doorway side JAMB
Drilling tool AUGER
Dude BRO
Early venue for nudists? EDEN
Ending with hand or fist FUL
Farm enclosure STY
Garden area BED
Govt. prosecutors AGS
Guerrilla Guevara CHE
Hard-to-take complainer WHINER
Hardly stimulating HOHUM
Having a fancy for INTO
Hoarse RASPY
Home Depot employee garb APRON
Irregular paper edge DECKLE
Italian thing COSA
Just this far TOHERE
Keys sound JANGLE
Lamp fuel KEROSENE
Little jerk TIC
Logician’s word ERGO
Long-dist. weapon ICBM
Loosen, as a bow UNTIE
Lots of people CROWD
Luau strings UKE
Lyft rival UBER
Minty cocktail JULEP
Mix with a horse TOM
O.T. book NEH
Old lab burners ETNAS
On the __ vive QUI
Phillips of “I, Claudius” SIAN
Propane container TANK
Quarter AREA
Rating at a pump OCTANE
Running a temperature FEBRILE
Simile words ASA
Sport invented by hunters SKEET
Sport-__: vehicles UTES
Suffered greatly, in Sussex AGONISED
Suggestion HINT
Survey choice OTHER
Swells up BLOATS
That guy, to Guy LUI
Today, e.g. … or what is found in 12 puzzle answers FIRSTOFTHEMONTH
Turow memoir ONEL
U.K. locale EUR
Understood GOT
Usher family’s creator POE
Utah city with a Biblical name MOAB
Where to claim miscellaneous credits on a W-4 form LINEG
Yucatán native MAYAN
__ nous ENTRE

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