L.A. Times Daily – Nov 10 2018

Clues Answers
“Believe” singer CHER
“Do I dare to eat a peach?” poet TSELIOT
“If all __ fails … “ ELSE
“Rich Man, Poor Man” novelist SHAW
“This other __, demi-paradise”: Shak EDEN
“Tough decision!” IMTORN
“We should!” YESLETS
“Women and Love” author HITE
“You wish” NOPE
“__ Eyes Were Watching God”: Hurston novel THEIR
2017 events for SNAP and Blue Apron IPOS
Alphabetically first Baseball Hall of Famer AARON
Annual awards for which many adolescents vote TEENCHOICE
Bar at the garage AXLE
Big piece SLAB
Body shop figs ESTS
Bun, e.g UPDO
Certain director’s concern CASTING
Cheese manufacturing by-product WHEY
Cold draft, perhaps ALE
Court immortal ASHE
Data breach causes HACKS
Dispatch SEND
Divers’ protection SHARKCAGES
Dwarf planet named for a Greek goddess ERIS
Fit to be tied IRATE
Grafton’s “__ for Alibi” AIS
Green feature HOLE
Hi’s wife, in comics LOIS
House document DEED
Like sea lions EARED
Major headache HASSLE
Mass symbols CROSSES
Obsessed mariner AHAB
Oceanus, for one TITAN
Only work Michelangelo ever signed PIETA
Out house? TENT
Outstanding OWED
Owns HAS
Powerful sharks MAKOS
Quite some time YEARS
Quite some time AGES
Rash-causing shrubs POISONOAKS
Ready to go out DRESSED
Set in motion ACTUATE
Sharpens WHETS
Shot in a tiny cup ESPRESSO
Shrewd bargain HORSETRADE
Skyrocket SOAR
Small two-seater SMARTCAR
Some online banners TEXTADS
Some time ago ONCE
Soup bar staple MINESTRONE
Source of potential matches DATINGPOOL
Stops presenting evidence RESTS
The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Award was renamed for him ELIEWIESEL
Together ONE
Tough spots SCRAPES
Underground rodent SEWERRAT
Vein valuables ORES
Waterloo NEMESIS
Welcome sight? MAT
Yahoo! sister company AOL

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