L.A. Times Daily – Nov 12 2018

Clues Answers
‘Cha-__!’: register sound CHING
‘Fighting’ Notre Dame team IRISH
Absorb the lesson LEARN
Afflicts AILS
Aleut relative INUIT
Applauds CLAPS
Believability, for short CRED
Best Buy ‘squad’ members GEEKS
Biblical pronoun THEE
Braying beast ASS
Break in the action LULL
Casual shirt TEE
Cereal go-with MILK
Claire of ‘Homeland’ DANES
Cooled with cubes ICED
Crook’s cover ALIBI
Cuts (off) LOPS
Dalai __ LAMA
Delighted shout from the roller coaster WHEE
Dr. of rap DRE
Education division governed by a board SCHOOLDISTRICT
Effort TRY
Enjoyed the ocean CRUISED
Enjoying the ocean BOATING
Exclaimed CRIED
Facts known to a select few … and a hint to each set of circled letters INSIDESTORY
Faked, in hockey DEKED
Falsehood LIE
Film watcher’s channel TMC
Forgetful moment MENTALLAPSE
Freq. sitcom rating TVPG
Frito-Lay corn snacks CHEETOS
Funhouse reaction EEK
Govt. agent FED
Great enthusiasm GUSTO
Hockey enclosure RINK
House with brothers FRAT
Humble dwelling HUT
Indian lentil stew DAL
Lake that’s a homophone of 59-Across ERIE
Legal document WRIT
Lightened, as hair DYED
Like a funhouse EERIE
Listening organ EAR
Louvre Pyramid architect IMPEI
NFL list of games, e.g SCHED
Nietzsche’s ‘never’ NIE
NYC’s Madison and Lexington AVES
Observed closely EYED
Ocean map dot ISLE
One arguing for the unpopular side DEVILSADVOCATE
Phone in a purse CELL
Plane, to Pierre AVION
Primary thoroughfare in many towns MAINSTREET
Quacked insurance name AFLAC
Received GOT
Request ASK
Rescheduled after being canceled, as a meeting ONAGAIN
Revise, as text EMEND
Right smack in the middle DEADCENTER
Road divide FORK
Rowing tools OARS
Slimming surgery, for short LIPO
Smooching in a crowded park and such, briefly PDAS
Soft shoe MOC
Sporty sunroofs TTOPS
Summer hrs. in Oregon PDT
Tempo similar to lento LARGO
Threat from a fault EARTHQUAKE
TiVo products DVRS
Wafer named for its flavor NILLA
William __, early bathysphere user BEEBE
Windy City rail initials CTA
Yves’ yes OUI

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