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L.A. Times Daily – Nov 12 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“7 Rings” singer Grande ARIANA
“It’s quite clear now” ISEETHAT
“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” actor Hirsch EMILE
“Salvator Mundi” artist DAVINCI
“Save me, and hover __ me with your wings”: Hamlet OER
“Sharknado” actress Reid TARA
“The X-Files” org FBI
“__ you quite finished?” ARE
13-digit ID since 2007 ISBN
Action star Steven SEAGAL
Adds, as an appointment to a busy schedule SLOTSIN
Air fryer sound SSS
Archipelago unit ISLET
Away from shore INLAND
Between-course refreshers SORBETS
Boggy area FEN
Bugs, to a toon hunter WABBIT
Business issue since 1979 INC
Caravan stops OASES
China’s Chou En-__ LAI
Compares LIKENS
Country legend Earl SCRUGGS
Culture medium AGAR
Cyberspace gatekeepers, for short ISPS
Data, e.g INFO
Discover alternative VISA
Even more expansive VASTER
Fall setting EDEN
Forest floor litter TWIGS
Frittered (away) PIDDLED
Functional UTILE
German refusal NEIN
Hawaiian staple TARO
Hill group SENATE
Hook, for one PIRATE
Iconic 1962 role for Gregory ATTICUS
Jaguar documentation CARTITLE
Laying-down-the-law words ISAYSO
Like a hospital ward with a tiny population? NEONATAL
Like many breakfast bars OATY
Like most peanuts SALTED
Like some smiles in an orthodontist’s office … and like three puzzle rows GAPTOOTHED
Logan of “60 Minutes” LARA
Low-scoring tie ONEONE
Many a dad joke PUN
Mature on the vine RIPEN
Msg. to the squad APB
New Mexico tribe ZUNI
Novelist Graham GREENE
Org. supporting museums NEA
Parliament figures TORIES
Prefix with -lithic PALEO
Prose pro EDITOR
Put a handle on NAME
Quelques-__: a few, in French UNES
Sanctify BLESS
Savvy about ONTO
Scientific calculator function COSINE
Score half TEN
Simple top TEE
Skedaddled RAN
Skink or skunk ANIMAL
Smoothing tool SANDER
Some canoodling KISSES
Spillane’s “__ Jury” ITHE
Very loudly, in music FORTISSIMO
Wager BET
Where it originally was INSITU
Whiteboard accessory ERASER
__ Jordan: sports brand AIR
__ master ZEN