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L.A. Times Daily – Nov 14 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Boyz n the Hood’ actress Long NIA
‘Missed it by that much’ SOCLOSE
‘Notorious’ screenwriter Ben HECHT
‘You have two choices’ AORB
Actress Helena __ Carter BONHAM
Advanced deg PHD
Amaretto flavor ALMOND
Anno Domini alternative COMMONERA
Appear SEEM
Auto parts supplier ACDELCO
Automaker founded in Sweden SAAB
Buildup of fluid EDEMA
Cocoa company NESTLE
Coke go-with RUM
Collective possessive OURS
Columbia University athlete LION
Critical-care ctrs ERS
Degree for a CFO MBA
Doldrums BLAHS
English cuppa TEA
Entrance BEWITCH
Foes of the evil Saruman ENTS
Four-bagger HOMER
Garden tool HOE
Get straight? TRUE
Heart’s companion SOUL
Hee-hawers ASSES
Hippie’s wheels VWBUS
Hive builder BEE
Israeli leader Dayan MOSHE
Jeans choice LEES
Like some gases INERT
Logical beginning? ECO
Look for bargains SHOP
Low on funds SHORT
Maker of sweet wafers NECCO
Manx currency POUND
Martyred bishop of Paris STDENIS
Marx collaborator ENGELS
Mate, across the Channel AMI
Mesoamerican pyramid builders MAYAS
Midnight mouser OWL
More like the Magi WISER
More than a little heavy OBESE
Musical wunderkind Bortnick ETHAN
Organ near the stomach SPLEEN
Oscar-nominated film starring Viola Davis THEHELP
Passes the threshold ENTERS
Petty peeves NITS
Pharaoh’s sacred snakes ASPS
Political spin, say SLANT
Reddit Q&A session AMA
Reef creature SPONGE
Rite Aid rival CVS
Roll in the grass SOD
Roofing stone SLATE
Ruby of ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ DEE
Scots Gaelic ERSE
Sea eagle ERNE
See 64-Across CAKES
Seriously funny shows? DRAMEDIES
Study hard BONEUP
Take __ from: emulate ACUE
Tinker Bell’s friend PAN
Towel holders RODS
Trivial matter NONISSUE
Upper arm muscle TRICEPS
V8 veggie CARROT
Winding Alaskan river with a Hawaiian name HULAHULA
With 67-Across, what five pairs of answers in the circles represent LAYER
Word that always brings a smile? CHEESE
Wrigley Field abbr CHI
Writer Zora ___ Hurston NEALE
X-rated stuff SMUT
Yoga chants OMS
__ shadow EYE