L.A. Times Daily – Nov 19 2018

Clues Answers
‘Curious George’ creators Hans and Margret REYS
‘Papa Bear’ of football HALAS
‘Yuck!’ UGH
‘__ tree falls … ‘ IFA
*Daytona 500, e.g CARRACE
*Economic conflict often involving tariffs TRADEWAR
*Hiker’s carryall BACKPACK
*Kids’ recreational garb PLAYCLOTHES
*Two-person log cutter WHIPSAW
1975 Wimbledon winner Arthur ASHE
Actress Longoria EVA
Added conditions ANDS
App symbol ICON
Artist’s deg MFA
Beatle bride ONO
Bordeaux brothers FRERES
Buddhist discipline ZEN
Chips in a garden MULCH
City hall bigwig MAYOR
Conical home TEPEE
Corner PC key ESC
Days long gone YORE
Deep depression CHASM
Dickens pen name BOZ
Dry riverbed WADI
Elicit EDUCE
Engage in tomfoolery … and a hint to what goes with each part of the answers to starred clues, but not in the same way HORSEAROUND
Estate homes MANORS
Fast plane JET
Former Energy secretary Steven CHU
Gamer’s game face AVATAR
Genetic initials RNA
India’s first prime minister NEHRU
Inexact lunch time ONEISH
John of ‘Fawlty Towers’ CLEESE
Links gp PGA
Little chess piece PAWN
London’s __ Gardens KEW
Michael of ‘SNL’ CHE
Miners dig it ORE
Mom’s and dad’s dads GRANDPAS
Moscow’s land: Abbr RUS
Neaten (up) SPRUCE
On the house GRATIS
On the ocean ASEA
Opposite of cruel HUMANE
Opposite of WNW ESE
Organ with a hammer and anvil EAR
Pick out in a crowd SPOT
Practical joke PRANK
Prickly seedcase BUR
Put on TV AIR
Puts money away, as for retirement SAVESUP
Radio host Shapiro ARI
Raves’ companions RANTS
Ray Charles’ ‘I __ Stop Loving You’ CANT
Repurposes to replace, as a tool USESAS
Revolutionary British soldiers REDCOATS
Roger who hit 61 in ’61 MARIS
Roof overhang EAVE
Set a price of ASK
Sides of an issue ASPECTS
Silver salmon COHOS
Snake’s sound SSS
Stitch again RESEW
Suffix with movie GOER
Sultan’s group HAREM
Take care of MIND
Troy, N.Y., school RPI
Twist, as facts SKEW
UFO passengers, presumably ETS
Underhanded SLY
__ lot: stuffs oneself EATSA
__ sci: college major POLI

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