L.A. Times Daily – Nov 3 2018

Clues Answers
“No problem” ICANDOTHAT
“Supernatural” co-star Jensen __ ACKLES
“What are you asking?” NAMEAPRICE
“__ that special?” ISNT
Airport transport TRAM
Anonymous seashore vendor? SHE
Anthills and beehives, e.g NESTS
Attention-getting marker HILITER
Bachelor __ PAD
Bat coating PINETAR
Big brand in appliances AMANA
Causes second thoughts GIVESPAUSE
Co. that introduced the 45-rpm record RCA
Confused conditions HAZES
Corner piece ROOK
Cut to a field reporter GOLIVE
D12 comedy hip-hop song produced by Eminem MYBAND
Data transfer initials FTP
Depart, in totspeak GOBYEBYE
Doing business OPEN
Eastwood’s “Rawhide” role YATES
Electric car maker TESLA
Emotional TEARY
Eye part IRIS
Fast period LENT
Former security, for short REPO
French flag couleur BLEU
Friend of Wyatt BAT
Go (for) OPT
Half an upwind sailing route ZAG
JFK __ Airport INTL
Lamarr of early Hollywood HEDY
Largest USA steel producer NUCOR
Like Dorothy’s slippers RUBYRED
Linguine sauce PESTO
Makes it ARRIVES
Morse character DAH
Non __ GRATA
Nonsensical INANE
Off-rd. transports ATVS
One eying a basket CAGER
One of two raised when rearing FORELEG
Oprah, at times ACTRESS
Part of rock’s CSNY NASH
People ONES
Roulette choice ODD
Sailors TARS
Salon inventory GELS
Sassafras foursome ESSES
Shipped SENT
Showing a ‘tude SASSY
Social media movement since 2017 METOO
Spend, often begrudgingly SHELLOUT
Subway gate STILE
Sweater outlet? PORE
Taunts on the field TRASHTALKS
Their ancestry is often uncertain MUTTS
They’re constantly picking up NEATNIKS
Three-time Formula One World Drivers’ Champion Niki __ LAUDA
Tough situations TRIALS
Type of agcy GOVT
Uninspiring DRAB
Very small bit IOTA
Worries CARES
You can only get one if you’re near home, briefly RBI

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