L.A. Times Daily – Nov 8 2018

Clues Answers
‘Down Came a Blackbird’ country singer McCann LILA
‘Open: An Autobiography’ subject AGASSI
‘Suits’ TV network USA
‘The Hustler’ actor GLEASON
‘__ of Dogs’: 2018 animated film ISLE
Actor who appeared in nine films with Sydney Greenstreet PETERLORRE
Actress Meyer of ‘Saw’ films DINA
Annual North Dakota State Fair site MINOT
Bar employee BOUNCER
Battery terminal ANODE
Blintz topping ROE
Boat filler GRAVY
Burst POP
Car opening? RENTA
Cara cara or Washington fruit NAVELORANGE
Clarinetist’s supply REEDS
College World Series home OMAHA
Committee leader CHAIR
Compass pt ENE
Convened SAT
Country partly in the Arctic Circle: Abbr NOR
Crew pair OARS
Cubs pitcher Jon LESTER
Free Clear detergent maker ALL
Gore and Michaels ALS
Hotelier Helmsley LEONA
Ithaca campus CORNELL
IV units CCS
Journal subject DREAM
Laugh good and loud ROAR
Learned ones SAVANTS
Liberal arts maj SOC
Light shirts TEES
Like some knowledge APRIORI
Mike Trout, notably ANGEL
More than bump into RAM
Offer one’s two cents OPINE
One without a permanent address NOMAD
Original Pennsylvania headquarters of Quaker State OILCITY
Parsonage MANSE
Part of Q&A AND
Partner, perhaps SPOUSE
Partners MATES
Passed-down tales LORE
Pierce player ALDA
Poet’s preposition ERE
Poirot’s street RUE
Pool table slab SLATE
Pub potable ALE
Represents, with ‘for’ SPEAKS
Reverberated ECHOED
Riot squad’s supply TEARGAS
Ristorante request ALDENTE
Roman goddess of agriculture CERES
See 56-Down DEE
So far ASYET
Sound catcher EAR
Soup cracker SALTINE
Spinal segment DISC
Sweater fabric ORLON
Therapy technique … and a hint to what’s hidden in 17-, 24-, 34- and 45-Across? ROLEPLAYING
Tonsillitis-treating doc ENT
Traveler’s rest MOTELROOM
Tricky genre OPART
Well-off, after ‘in’ CLOVER
What sit-ups strengthen ABS
Where I-30 and I-40 meet LITTLEROCK
With 9-Down, river of the Carolinas PEE
__ Moines DES

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