L.A. Times Daily – Oct 10 2018

Clues Answers
“Gee whiz!” GOSH
“Kinda” suffix ISH
“Oh, puh-leeze!” SPAREME
“Talladega Nights” actor JOHNCREILLY
“We’re on __ way” OUR
“What __ can I do?” ELSE
“__ Go”: cellphone game POKEMON
African country whose name begins another African country NIGER
Asked for an opinion on, as an idea RANBY
Award for “Moonlight” or “Spotlight” OSCAR
Baton Rouge sch LSU
Be amused by GRINAT
Big name in footwear ALDO
Big strings CELLI
Bona fide REAL
Cauldron stirrer HAG
Cautious (of) LEERY
Churn up ROIL
Come into view EMERGE
Continuity break HIATUS
Cook, as spring rolls FRY
Dessert pancake CREPE
Dragon’s den LAIR
Draw with acid ETCH
Earth sci GEOL
Ewe call BAA
Family vacay participant SIB
Fast Aussie birds EMUS
Fictional feline that could disappear at will CHESHIRECAT
Gluttonous sort HOG
Goddess of the dawn AURORA
Golf instructor PRO
Had breakfast ATE
Harry Potter’s lightning bolt, e.g SCAR
Hawaiian garland LEI
Infant’s ailment COLIC
Intense passion ARDOR
ISP option DSL
It eases tension in some serious tales COMICRELIEF
Liquid from a trunk SAP
Major turf battle GANGWAR
Make very happy ELATE
Meadow LEA
Mess up ERR
Mideast nation: Abbr ISR
Movie excerpt CLIP
Navy vessel letters USS
Neutral shade BEIGE
Occupied, as a restroom INUSE
Once __ while INA
One may pick up an embarrassing remark HOTMIC
PC core CPU
Piece of corn EAR
Playboy founder HEFNER
Prefix with angle or athlete TRI
Push rudely JOSTLE
Put in peril RISK
Quite a while AGES
Renaissance Faire weapon LANCE
Sailor’s patron ELMO
Sheriff Andy Taylor’s boy OPIE
Sister of Laertes OPHELIA
Social class prominent in “The Great Gatsby” IDLERICH
Some Caltech grads EES
Sorvino of “Mimic” MIRA
Stereo preceder MONO
They may be pumped or bumped FISTS
Ultra-masculine MACHO
Underwater detector SONAR
Use a scythe REAP
Vaper’s smoke, briefly ECIG
Vice president after Hubert SPIRO
Vice squad operations POLICERAIDS
Vote against OPPOSE
Wee one TOT
White-bellied ocean predator ORCA
Whole-grain food, and a description of each set of circles WILDRICE
__ salt SEA

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