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L.A. Times Daily – Oct 11 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Coffee __?’ ORTEA
‘Demian’ author HESSE
‘Do __?’ IDARE
‘I think of slaying Holmes … He takes my mind from better things’ writer DOYLE
‘Yikes!’ SHEESH
‘__ been thinking … ‘ IVE
‘__ no idea’ IHAD
‘__ Rebel’: 1962 hit HESA
‘__ Went Mad’: Riley poem EREI
29-day Hebrew month ADAR
Accumulation after many oil changes? BRUSHPILES
All of Albee’s ‘The Zoo Story,’ essentially ACTI
All-encompassing GLOBAL
Ante, e.g FEE
Asset for sketching the human body? AHEADFORFIGURES
Augustus’ devious wife LIVIA
Back in a shell AFT
Batgirl garb CAPE
Bay State motto opener ENSE
Big __ SUR
Boxer Oscar __ Hoya DELA
British actress-politician Jackson GLENDA
Bucolic lines IDYL
Bygone Swedish wheels SAAB
Carefully consider LOOKAT
Classic pops NEHIS
Clotheshorse’s collection TIECLIPS
Color for a ‘Starry’ Dutch classic? NIGHTSHADE
Conservatory subj MUS
Copacetic, in slang HOTSYTOTSY
Cube-ic Rubik ERNO
Decision maker CHOOSER
Dirty Harry’s org SFPD
El __ NINO
Employing USING
Fail to be kept private LEAK
First light SUNUP
Flu symptom AGUE
Foundation for nude sketches? BOTTOMLINE
French wheel BRIE
Fruity commercial prefix CRAN
Golfer’s cry after holing a long putt ITSIN
Good in golf … otherwise, not so much SUBPAR
Handles SEESTO
High-level banking aids AILERONS
Hounds, e.g DOGS
Housekeeper-artist barter agreement? DUSTINGFORPRINTS
Immobile INERT
Indian title SRI
Intestinal tract division ILEUM
Introspective Randall Thompson choral work with a joyous title ALLELUIA
It has a watery bed SEA
It might be caught with a fly FISH
It’s a blast HTEST
Jamaican citrus UGLI
Jr.’s exam PSAT
Julie’s ‘East of Eden’ role ABRA
Karmann __: sports car GHIA
Kin of op. cit IBID
Lab eggs OVA
Lao Tzu’s ‘way’ TAO
LAX touchdowns ARRS
Legume family bean LENTIL
Like Florida scrub ARID
Like no-see-ums PESTY
Love in Spain AMOR
Manga series about gaming YUGIOH
Minimal LEAST
Molding okra likenesses? PODCASTING
Mongolian dry spot GOBI
More over the top SILLIER
MSN, for one ISP
One catching with flies, maybe ANGLER
Ones just hanging out IDLERS
OTC drug agency FDA
Pakistani bread NAAN
Philatelist’s buys PANES
Philippines’ highest peak: Abbr MTAPO
Photo possibilities OPS
Pickle pick DILL
Place to make waves SALON
Precepts TENETS
Prepared, as apples for strudel CORED
Prohibitions DONTS
Rapscallions IMPS
Rates highly ADMIRES
Reply of feigned innocence MOI
Retinal receptor ROD
Schwarz of toys FAO
Scullers’ pair? ELS
Sculpting painstakingly, as ice? LICKINGINTOSHAPE
Short-legged hounds BASSETS
Show disdain for SNEERAT
Sister of Goneril REGAN
Slant TILT
Slimming procedures, informally LIPOS
Smooching on a plane, for short PDA
Some how-to book targets? IDIOTS
Source of protection ESCORT
Spanish spreads RANCHOS
Stand-up’s goals, informally LAFFS
Stitches SEWS
Stuffed shell? TACO
Suit material LIBEL
Sun Devils’ sch ASU
Text changers, for short EDS
Therapist’s concern NEUROSIS
Therefore ERGO
They often offer free Wi-Fi CAFES
They’re depressed during recitals KEYS
Thick dessert topping FUDGESAUCE
Thomas Gray’s ‘The Bard,’ e.g ODE
Tickle AMUSE
Tractor brand, familiarly CAT
Traditional Western song to sing while cleaning up the atelier? GOODBYEOLDPAINT
Traveling carnival sight TENT
Two-handed tool SLEDGE
Type of eye layer UVEAL
Unable to find the way LOST
Unceasingly EVER
Unusually energetic sort BALLOFFIRE
Up-in-the-air bear URSA
Very disappointing turnout NOONE
Very little, to Vivaldi POCO
Vibration sensor EAR
Wanna-__ BES
Wi-Fi connection? HYPHEN
Zilch NIL
__ chair EASY
__ facto IPSO
__-majesté LESE
__-Rooter ROTO