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L.A. Times Daily – Oct 12 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“My Cousin Vinny” star PESCI
“Perry Mason” network HBO
“Tres sexy!” OOLALA
*Party drink in a bowl FRUITPUNCH
*Pre-WWII aircraft used for postal deliveries MAILPLANE
*School evacuation exercise FIREDRILL
*Software help text READMEFILE
35-Down seller BAR
Actor Nick NOLTE
Actress Gunn of “Breaking Bad” ANNA
Actress Meyer of “Dragonheart” DINA
Apple topper STEM
Approx. takeoff hr ETD
Biker’s stunt bike, briefly BMX
Black gem ONYX
Breathe out EXHALE
Breeze creator FAN
Brewery output ALE
British mil. honors DSOS
Burlesque wrap BOA
Cake finishers ICERS
Car radio letters AMFM
Carpenter’s accessory that might hold the ends of the answers to starred clues TOOLBOX
Costumes GETUPS
Depends (on) RELIES
Earthy pigments OCHERS
Elicit EDUCE
Fall behind LAG
French monarch ROI
French red wine with a physician in its spelling MEDOC
Gardner who created Perry Mason ERLE
Golf ball supports TEES
Hall & Oates or Sonny & Cher POPDUO
Haul with effort LUG
Hertz rival AVIS
Home for bees HIVE
Hoops offenses FOULS
Hyundai sedan AZERA
Israeli diplomat Abba EBAN
Jolson and Jarreau ALS
Kicking partner? ALIVE
Last bio OBIT
Like challenging push-ups ONEARM
Lowly worker PEON
Maker of nonstick cookware TFAL
Meet in competition FACE
Mekong River country VIETNAM
More like a wafer THINNER
Novelist Jong ERICA
Out of concern that LEST
Owner of the restaurant NOLA EMERIL
Pantomime ACTOUT
Post-op areas ICUS
Put points on the board SCORED
Relinquishes formally CEDES
Rinse or spin CYCLE
Rival co. of Visa AMEX
Royal flush card ACE
Saintly aura HALO
Salary increase RAISE
Sampler’s sip TASTE
Second-largest U.S. state TEX
Shed feathers MOLT
Soft slip-on MOC
Source of some tweets NEST
Space-saving abbr ETC
Spiral-horned antelope ELAND
Sports bar fixtures TVSETS
Spring flower IRIS
State in which astronauts float ZEROG
State with a three-word capital UTAH
T-shirt or polo TOP
Tree trunk BOLE
Underground chamber CAVERN
Verizon ISP AOL
Villain’s look LEER
Villain’s look SNEER
What docs prescribe MEDS