L.A. Times Daily – Oct 14 2018

Clues Answers
“500” initials SANDP
“Bravo!” OLE
“Chestnuts roasting __ open fire” ONAN
“Hamlet” quintet ACTS
“Let’s Make __” ADEAL
“Nothing __!” DOING
“The Birds” actress HEDREN
“Tosca” tune ARIA
“__ in the Boy’s Room”: 1973-’74 hit SMOKIN
About one-third of MLB players LATINO
About to explode IRATE
Acapulco article UNA
Agile SPRY
Allocate, with “out” METE
Analogous AKIN
Ann and May CAPES
Astronomical measures PARSECS
Attack verbally SNAPAT
Australian export OPAL
Author James and baseball’s Tommie AGEES
Bad to the bone EVIL
Ballpark figs ESTS
Banned fruit spray ALAR
Barely beat EDGE
Bath in Baja BANO
Black eye SHINER
Bouncing off the walls MANIC
Brings out EDUCES
Bubbling hot ABOIL
Bypass OMIT
Cake-decorating artist ICER
Carpentry tool ADZ
Causes of fear BUGABOOS
Censorship-fighting org ACLU
Cheese on crackers BRIE
Chinese city known for its Terracotta Army XIAN
Chip dip SALSA
Clambake trash COBS
Computer list MENU
Confine LIMIT
Control OWN
Cotton capsule BOLL
Designing initials YSL
Diamond weight CARAT
Director Reiner CARL
Door fasteners HASPS
Eagerly enjoy EATUP
Eagerly enjoy, as praise LAPUP
Eclectic mixes OLIOS
Eclipse, maybe OMEN
Electrolysis particle ANION
Eponymous Chanel perfume COCO
Farr of “M*A*S*H” JAMIE
Fed. fiscal agency OMB
Figures of speech? ORATORS
Fine wool MERINO
Fire up AROUSE
Flip over UPEND
Gadget’s rank: Abbr INSP
Gentle touch CARESS
Gladiator’s realm ARENA
Graphics file extension TIF
Gray matter?: Abbr ANAT
Gulf War journalist Peter ARNETT
Havens OASES
He’s got the life RILEY
High-end hotel employees VALETS
Highlands hillside BRAE
History Muse CLIO
Hit the bottle TOPE
In __: published PRINT
Langley org CIA
Latitude PLAY
Les Etats-__ UNIS
Made, as a bet LAID
Major Japanese port NAGOYA
Many a bagpiper SCOT
Many Qatar natives ARABS
Marine predator ORCA
Mars, for one PLANET
Mimics APES
Monastery head ABBOT
More than proper PRISSY
Most healthy HALEST
Much of “Deck the Halls” LAS
Naturally lit room SOLARIUM
Nile valley native NUBIAN
Norwegian king, 995-1000 OLAFI
Not barefoot SHOD
Not quite a majority HALF
Omegas’ counterparts ZEES
Online break-in HACK
Pair in a dinghy OARS
Parkay product OLEO
Part of CBS: Abbr SYS
PC screen images ICONS
Perfectly TOAT
Pic takers CAMS
Prefix with linear RECTI
Prepares to transplant UNPOTS
Prestige STATUS
Pull-up beneficiaries LATS
Q and A part: Abbr ANS
Radar screen images BLIPS
Radio knob TUNER
Reception vessel URN
Remove from a manuscript DELE
Resorts with body wraps SPAS
Resting on ATOP
Resting place BED
Roman garment TUNIC
Root vegetable TURNIP
Salmon egg deposits SPAWNS
Sgt. Friday’s force LAPD
Small batteries AAS
Solemn STAID
Spanish lady DAMA
Special Forces cap BERET
Speech problem LISP
Spiral-horned African antelope NYALA
Stand-up sort MENSCH
Star of the animated short “Two Scent’s Worth” LEPEW
Stick in one’s craw RANKLE
Supermodel Carangi GIA
Swing noisily, as a shutter FLAP
Three types of (see circled letters) CALICOABYSSINIANTABBY
Three types of (see circled letters) AVANTGARDEROCOCOTRAMP
Three types of (see circled letters) MINUTEANCHORNEWSPAPER
Three types of (see circled letters) MERCATORAREAPOLITICAL
Three types of (see circled letters) JUMBOEXECUTIVETURBO
Three types of (see circled letters) CITROENACURARENAULT
Waves overhead? PERM
Wharton postgrad awards MBAS
Word often paired with “great” LATE
Works in the garden DIGS
[not my error] SIC
__ es Salaam DAR

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