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L.A. Times Daily – Oct 14 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“In your dreams!” ASIF
“Is there a problem here?” WHATGIVES
“Mad Men” network AMC
“We ___ the World” ARE
“Yay, team!” RAH
Article in Der Spiegel EIN
At risk of running aground, perhaps NEARSHORE
Bit of hope RAY
Breakfast-in-bed aid TRAY
Brother of Ophelia LAERTES
Cans under dishes STERNOS
Checks (out) SCOPES
City on the Ruhr ESSEN
Common circus wear TIGHTS
Construction __ SITE
Convenience EASE
Cut with a tool SAWN
Decorates superficially GILDS
Descartes et al RENES
Dr. with Grammys DRE
Draws a bead on, with “at” AIMS
Drink on a chilly fall day HOTCIDER
Elizabeth I’s mother ANNE
Emphatic confirmation YESIAM
Feminist author Wolf NAOMI
Film critic Kael PAULINE
Fish story LIE
Formally steps down RESIGNS
Fun run dist ONEK
G7 member USA
Get fuzzy BLEAR
Glamour rival ELLE
Goggle STARE
Grasps SEES
Gush forth SPEW
Icy coating HOAR
Involve by necessity ENTAIL
Island east of Manila GUAM
Java JOE
Keen perception EAR
Kind of terrier SKYE
Large urban areas just outside of a central business district EDGECITIES
Look 35 at 45, say AGEWELL
Metal in Montana’s motto ORO
Morning coat? DEW
Outerwear in the bush SAFARIJACKET
Part of a sentence PHRASE
Peyton Manning’s alma mater, for short UTENN
Pitcher’s goal SALE
Place to see runners SLED
Planning to, informally GONNA
Reply to a salesperson … or a hint to the start of 19-, 25- and 43-Across JUSTBROWSING
Req. for some IKEA purchases ASSY
Rhyming hair-loss metaphor CHROMEDOME
Rode from the stands JEERED
Setups for knockout punches JABS
Skier’s aid TBAR
Sound off RANT
Stimulate AROUSE
Take stock of ASSESS
Teed off IRED
The Destroyer, in Hinduism SIVA
Top dog ALPHA
Tranquilize DRUG
TV planet ORK
Uma’s role in “The Producers” ULLA
Unmanned fliers DRONES
Utility pipe GASMAIN
Watch EYE
What snobs put on AIRS
__ vu DEJA