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L.A. Times Daily – Oct 25 2018

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Clues Answers
“Any minute now” ITWONTBELONG
“Get outta here!” SCAT, SHOO
“Incredible” hero HULK
“Of course!” YES
“Speaking frankly,” in texts TBH
“That feels good” AHH
“The Daughter of Time” novelist TEY
2009 Justin Bieber hit LOVEME
ACLU concerns RTS
Actress Mendes EVA
Archipelago part ISLE
Armed conflict WAR
Beverage with dim sum TEA
Big 38-Down feature EGO
Bigger photo: Abbr ENL
Clemson’s conf ACC
Comics read vertically MANGA
Correction device ERASER
Creepy glance LEER
Critical shuttle maneuver EARTHREENTRY
Cross with a top loop ANKH
Deli order SALAMI
Deposed Russian ruler TSAR
Elastic bikini top BANDEAU
Gimlet garnish LIME
Go around BYPASS
Highlands girl LASS
Home run hitter? BAT
Hoops net holder RIM
Humorous feline meme LOLCAT
Instagram or Snapchat APP
Katy Perry and Mariah Carey POPICONS
Like virtually all golf club heads nowadays METAL
Memorable guitarist __ Ray Vaughan STEVIE
Mennen lotion AFTA
Mineral sources ORES
Mints brand with mountain peaks in its logo ANDES
Montreal mate AMI
NBC soap since 1965 DAYSOFOURLIVES
New York prison in 1971 headlines ATTICA
Not well ILL
Org. with an annual Codebreaker Challenge NSA
Org. with Jays and Rays MLB
Past time YORE
Perfected HONED
Poolroom powder TALC
Prince Harry’s alma mater ETON
Prophecy source ORACLE
Pull out all the stops POURITON
Push to the limit TRY
Pushing boundaries EDGY
Salieri, to Liszt MENTOR
Silicon Valley setting BAYAREA
Six-Day War peninsula SINAI
Skier’s pick-me-up? TBAR
Smudge BLOT
Soft-drink word since 1886 COCA
Spain’s cont EUR
Spiritual leader of Nizari Ismaili Muslims AGAKHAN
Splinter group SECT
Spring time … or a military procession involving a word sequence hidden in 15-, 31-, 41- and 61-Across MARCH
Streaming delay LAG
Suffers from HAS
Summer hrs DST
Surgical tube STENT
Sweater pattern ARGYLE
Trying to overcome a late start, say PLAYINGCATCHUP
Union agreements? IDOS
Watson creator IBM
Wine glass feature STEM
Yang’s opposite YIN
Zen question KOAN
__ Aviv TEL
__ retriever LABRADOR